November 14th: Chidren's "Saving" Day instead of Children's Day

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November 14th: Chidren's "Saving" Day instead of Children's Day

A notification this was binged on my phone's screen and when I read it I was shocked for a few moments. That day in my college, I was allotted with a task of selecting and filtering some events hosted by my college for the coming Children's Day but the news that I read shocked me for the very instant moment and I was into the mental space of oblivion. The news stated about a child abuse of nine-year-old girl being raped by 12 boys of 12-15 age group. The heading of the news was a staunch critic for those people who still carry the patriarchal and conservative approach of the society. The family background of these teenagers did not hold a well-social status in the society but does it truly matters.

The next morning was another sunshine and I prayed for the well being of the girl and wished to god to have mercy over the humanity, maybe just because I could not find the covering pall of protection in POCSO or POC anymore in India. Suddenly two boys gazed my attention who were standing outside a road-side school on my way to Meerut-Delhi Highway while at the next blink of my eye I saw another boy fallen on the road. I could not understand these unjustified acts of violence in children merely tender in ages these days. But truly it pained me a lot.

I was to report the same events to my respected faculty that day and on her quote to "Hello! Morning Sunshine", I said, " Ma'am, I'm unable to coordinate the events for Nov-14th this year or maybe any other year." She asked the reason for same and I was blank for a moment. Then I mentioned, India is likely a country where one child is abused every 15 minutes as per the Government of India. In 94.8% of cases reported, the abuser is known to the Victim. Out of which in many of the cases the abusers are either neighbours or relatives. Not just this there are still other issues that we don't look up to like Children of LGBTQ and Sexual Workers Community are having no equal status in the society, Children who are in orphanage have no one to care for in the world, Children who are addicted to bad influences such as drugs and supplements are not given with proper and adequate guidance but are often kicked out of society and many more.

I don't say the children's day is wrong or celebrating it, is unethical but what is the meaning of celebrating children's day when our kids are unsafe, unequal and misguided. Technology is no doom to any society but an early exposure to it for children of tender ages is acceptable. What is the need of talking about Children's Day or celebrating the same on the Warm Day of Nov-14th if, on the same chiller night of the very diem, many children die because of no home? Ma'am, Children in India are not safe, nor equal, nor they are properly guided and nor they will be our future as many of them die on the streets due to a list of reasons.

There is an alarming number of children who are abused whether reported or not. Our Kids are not alright. There are more than three dozen cases on Child Abuses reported in India every two weeks. There are a number of articles featuring every day to talk for the volunteerism and strong actions in the same call but India is indeed second in terms of Population and maybe last second when it comes to volunteer in cases like these. Indian People need cases to such as the recent Kathua Rape Case to just march out and show their rage. They never tend to change the patriarchal approach in the society and teaching of Manhood in children at an early age while for the girls' teachings of inferiority and those of principles and softness and to bend down to every decision is rather considered all right. Even the books of a nursery student would emphasis on Father going to Office and Mother working at Home. This approach is somewhere leads to gender insensitivity and increasing crime rates as it causes the psychological of the abuser. Sometimes its just the relative who seems to be very affectionate and sweet turns out to be the abuser at such situation the child is uncompelled to dig out the stand to choose the call, be it right or wrong. Many victims when grew old who reported of child abuse said that they thought as children that "this is what people do when they love you and loving is no wrong". Hence, India might rank to be number one nation in all the world but the development would remain null if cases like these are still out there.

Hence I believe, we don't need a Children's Day rather we need a Children Saving Day to be celebrated every year. We don't need cultural events and charities unless we assure that every child feels safe, equal and free. Rather we need workshops and seminars on good and bad touch, child protection and gender sensitivity in children these days. My nation needs to celebrate the Children Saving Day every 14th Nov till the time, the child in slum gets proper education and life; the child being sexually abused can speak freely and openly about it; the child becomes gender sensitive; the concept of soft parenting involves the "necessities and unnecessities" in the children; the LGBTQ and sexual worker child are given a social status; the child no more faces malnourishment and poverty; the child is not kidnapped nor murdered before or after birth; the child is free to walk anywhere in India and abroad & parents need not worry about their children when in park or such places; the child feels equal and above all the child remains a child, tender and sweet not turned out into evil-kin like these days.

Ma'am, that's why I'm unable to celebrate the Children's Day, I said. Followed by a silence, my faculty said, "No dear! we are going to celebrate Children's Saving Day and save every child at extent we can".


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