Now What Next???

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Now What Next???

“Life is not always a bed of roses”, but what if life is never cherishing enough???? Every Now and Then, most of us juggling for something or someone in his life which is already trapped us in damn riddle.

Here the question itself pointed to untold sufferings of people which is our deep down worries or anxieties that says; What to do Next??? How to Earn Next??? How to Move on Next??? How to face Outcomes Next??? , Also, How to End up things Next??? Though, these “NEXT'S” are plenty as it has no ending road.

The fear inside us, the anxiety inside us, and the expectations inside us , growing so rapidly which deliberately force us to think about our so-called “ NEXT” and this whole “next” leads to anxiety, agony and yes worry. Eventually, Prudent enters here to show you the right picture of life but that prudent is none other than you yourself. Apprehensively, our dreams, passion, confidence, moral, and of course happiness shattered which makes us ordeal. 

Drawing back, we are the only one responsible for our griefs due to excess worries. These worries are everywhere and can be anywhere, in any stranded situation and it will definitely follow you till eternity. One has to understand the mess they create it is only because of ATTITUDE. However, life is just 2 % which happened to us and rest of it happens only because of our action as it creates worry and wrath gradually. So, why you are worry for worry if it won’t leave you anyway. Go beyond worry and then you will see yourself happy along with this worry.

Life and happiness is like wisdom tooth once gone will never come back, so keep your pleasures with you with extreme care. Now what are you worried for??? Now what are you worried for???


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