Oh Yeah! Mens’ Day Has Arrived. But, Wait! Why Isn’t Anyone Excited About It?

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Oh Yeah! Mens’ Day Has Arrived. But, Wait! Why Isn’t Anyone Excited About It?

I woke up in the morning, rubbed my eyes, and checked my phone with half-closed eyes. It showed 3 notifications – 22 WhatsApp messages, 13 Facebook messages and 2 missed calls. I was a bit confused, and very scared because generally, I wake up to a maximum of 2-3 whatsapp messages.

I opened the messages hurriedly only to get a huge smile on my face. Every message read, “Happy International Mens’ Day Hardik.” Wow, such a bright start to the day! I was now anticipating how will the end of the day look like.

I freshened up, got ready and left for the office. On my way, I saw 5 hoardings from various communities and groups wishing “Happy Mens’ Day” to people around the city. I parked my car, and as I was entering inside my office premises, I saw my office decorated with balloons and ribbons.

“Happy International Mens’ Day to the charming males of our office” was written in bold and capital letters on the notice board of the office. We cut the cake, received chocolates, gifts and a lot of love from everyone, and resumed working.

Alas! I can’t narrate what happened afterwards because my alarm rang. Wait, was it a dream? Shit, I again forgot to hit the gym today.

I woke up, rubbed my eyes and checked my phone. “19 November” yelled the calendar. Yes, today is “International Mens’ Day”.

But, I didn’t receive even a single Whatsapp Message or Call. On my way to office, not a single hoarding wishes the Mens’ Day. I began working in the office as usual, running from one call to another, managing and mis-managing things simultaneously. All this while, I kept thinking – why is mens’ day not celebrated and recognised as much as womens’ day?

Surely, the womens’ day remind us of the gender inequality still prevalent in the society. 8th March, the International Womens’ Day, is celebrated to pay gratitude and respect to the women and their contribution in making the world a beautiful place to live.

But, why can’t we celebrate the International Mens’ Day with same excitement? Don’t men deserve to be respected and felt special for being the unsung heroes during the most parts of their lives?

In the ever growing fearful environment of #MeToo, males have started feeling scared of happenings around them. Mental health, harassment and sexual discriminations with males have increased in the last few years.

In a race to make both the genders equal, we’ve actually pushed males way behind where they aren’t heard, respected or cared.

To those males, wishing a very happy International Mens’ Day. To us, from us, Cheers!

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