One India Two Time Zones!

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One India Two Time Zones!

Hey, I have a question for you all are you following current news channels or journals apart from those heated arguments on Ram Mandir, Sabarimala, Gotra issue and so on. 

If yes, you must have surely come across a recent news that was "Eight more Indian states got 100% electrified" (Names are not provided by me because I want you to invest some internet data apart from PUBG). 

"Amused", most of you would have been, I suppose, after knowing it. I also felt the same. 

And who would not be, our progress is progressing. 

But then ironically something struck my mind which I would like to share with you all. 

You all are aware that India follows only one-time zone i.e Indian Standard Time which 5.30 hrs ahead of GMT. 

The time difference between a westernmost point and easternmost point of India is almost two hours, as a result, the sun rises and sets much earlier than rest parts of the country.

Our Problem Our Concern Others Problem Others Concern: 

So most of us are not aware of the chaos created by the IST as only in North East the sun rises before 4 am and in winter sets before 4 pm. Due to which lots of daylight hours are lost by the time all the offices and institutes are opened. 

In winter it gets even worsed with the electricity being consumed more. 

Need Of  A New Time Zone: 

Not adequately, if there are problems by following one time zone vice versa of it will be even worse. 

We all know India is so populated that there will be a huge confusion by having different time zones, people would have to reset their clocks each time they enter into another time zone. Railways would find it difficult to process under different time zones as they don't have automatic clocks to work itself. Moreover, if they do so they require a lot of funding and workforce which is not possible in the present situation. 

What is the alternative then? 

There was a report published by the Indian Institute of Science on this matter that no need to have two time zones just increase the IST by half an hour which makes it 6 hours ahead of GMT. 


Lots and lots of daylight hours will be useful and electricity consumption will have a downfall and India which produces maximum of its electricity from coal, which is a non renewable asset and it can happen to finish anytime, it will really lower the burden of producing more units of electricity and will be saved for future upcoming.


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