Online Payroll Software For HR & Employee Management

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Online Payroll Software For HR & Employee Management

The Online Payroll Management System or the Payroll Software helps the company and the human resource manager in managing attendance and other details of the employees online. The software also manages the payroll of the employees so that the company does not have to calculate the salaries of the employees every month according to the leaves taken by the employees. Location barriers do not affect the working of the software if the company wants to monitor any employees’ activity from any branch they can easily do so with the help of Gen Online Payroll Software For Employee Management. The user can operate the software from anywhere anytime.

The system of payroll management can be updated quickly and smoothly, without any problems. If the details of any employee changes, then the HR can update them immediately. As the data is saved online and can be edited readily, there will be no chance of any errors. It is important for any company to maintain HR details and pay them regularly. If the company fails to do so, the employees can feel violated, that will deplete the productivity of the company. So it is safe to say that payroll software is important for every company whether big or small.

Benefits of Online Payroll Software

A lot of companies in India and abroad are using one or other payroll software for effective management of employee details. The idea of managing the details of employees through a single click attracts them. The software helps in calculating remuneration of the employees according to deductions, overtime and leaves. The software develops a formula for the calculation of salaries according to the company’s policies regarding leaves. The deductions like EPF, TD, ESI are also included to get the precise value of salary provided. The employees of the company can access their payroll through the software so that there is no confusion between the company and the employee, and paperwork is also reduced. Payslips can be accessed in the form of Excel sheets that makes it even more convenient. The software also regards the bank advice before crediting the salary.

  • Attendance and Other Information

The payroll software updates the information related to the employees easily and quickly. This helps in saving the precious time of the HR and the company and they can focus on other important tasks. The employee too, can access the information through a unique employee code and password provided by the company. The cost of administration can be increased if the details are not maintained effectively by the company and productivity can deplete. The attendance feature of the software helps in recording the check in, checkout and leaves of the employee. As the data related to attendance and leaves is recorded online, the chances of errors in payments of remuneration is reduced. The leaves are recorded on the time cards and the remuneration is provided accordingly.

  • Online Leave Management

The online leave management feature of the software helps in saving the precious resources of the company. The old method of leave management has become obsolete, as it was very time consuming and required a lot of paperwork. The employee was required to apply for a leave through a written application or through email, but with the help of payroll software, the employees can apply for a leave through the software with a single click. The time of HR is also wasted in the approval process of the employee which can be saved through the software. It provides a superb solution for leave management and the HR department can ascertain the remuneration of any employee easily and can pay them regularly too.

If you are looking for great payroll software, the Gen Payroll Software from the house of SAG Infotech is India's fast-growing Gen Payroll Management Software. This software is loaded with all the above-detailed features and many more. The price of the software is also economical. The software is best for all types of companies whether medium or big. You can get a quotation for the product by contacting us at or 0141-4072000. 

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