Open up your heart and the sky is yours...!

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Open up your heart and the sky is yours...!

On a cold afternoon when the sun heat touched my feet giving me the feel of solace, I found myself wondering on the fact how confusing human life is. Let's pause for a moment and ponder on this. Is the human life really confusing, or is it us who make things complicated?? We, humans, depend on other humans for certain factors, be it happiness, or food or basic amenities. Just close your eyes and imagine your world without your parents or your siblings in it. Probably they are the ones you trust the most, ain't it ?? Now without them by your side, do you choose to give up on people because you feel that behind those lovely masks there are malicious intentions?

The fact that I am talking about here is that many of us find it difficult to open up to others. We fear to tell what we feel. Keeping things inside does nothing but slowly kills you from within. There are days when you want to give up on everything and shatter and break down into pieces. That is the time you want to pour yourself out to someone who 'hears', now my dear what would you do? Still, keep things inside you and let them choke your neck to death? 

The thing wrong with such people is that they fear to speak, for obvious reasons I guess, just like it goes "BEEN THERE, DONE THAT", I myself lacked the courage to express to others what I truly feel. Time flew and realization dawned upon me that girl you are going wrong, keeping things to you is good only for a time not always. You can't keep on burning from within for something you didn't do. Okay good if you are able to ignore all and move on with your cool life, but then what if the things that are hindering you are the ones that keep on appearing in your day to day life routine?? Now what?

Guys you don't need to make your life story fully transparent to others. You can hide your mysteries within and enjoy others solve the puzzle but sometimes what's wrong in telling others what's killing you inside?? Okay, if you want to let the balls that life throws at you pile up in your goalpost till they start filling the playing field, but what after that? Yes! it's time for you now to clear and sort out the mess.

You have got a beautiful family to understand you, your siblings who have seen you at your worst and your friends who know your most embarrassing moments. Ask them for help. Let yourself be open to bits of advice and suggestions. Remember coming home to mom and crying on her lap because your best friend didn't talk to you for a day?? If you could cry on such a small thing to your mother, then what's the shame hiding your pains to her? What's the deal hiding your problems to your sibling with whom you discussed every life challenging thing?

So my friend next time you feel like telling anyone what's going in there in your soul, don't think. Just pour it in front of someone whom you trust. The aftercome will truly be pleasing. You 'll appreciate yourself after doing that. You 'll thank yourself for asking for advice or by just telling someone what was there eating you up. If something hurts you, tell it. Something you didn't like about something, say you don't like it and move. Keep within you only the amount you can handle, after all the bombardment will be more destructive if you keep on piling it up.

Try it once, I promise it will do wonders!


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