Overwhelmed? Here's some help!

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Overwhelmed? Here's some help!

Had a rough day?
An argument with someone..?Failed to meet a deadline despite trying hard?A pressing health problem?Wrestling with a mind boggling issue from days or even months?Concerned for a dear one?
Or simpler... 'don't know where this life is heading'...? 'What am I doing with my life'? I should have been at this position or would have grabbed that promotion by now and see..i am still stuck..etcetera ...etcetera
Say yes..when feeling flustered does not make sense or alteast not to anyone else except us. We have all been there, at some instances. And If it sounds a little reassuring, alteast I have been there. This is why I bring to you these eesy-peesy, lazy tips with minimal energy requirements (super saver deal..Bingo!) :
1. Breathe...juz breathe
Seriously! Breathwork benefits have been talked widely from Ted talks to Yoga classes and so it tops my list too. Roll down your eye-shutters for a while, fill in your lungs with as much air you want, and release whatever you have been holding in. Simple slow deep breaths. Repeat this for few seconds to suit your interest. Does it help?
2. Talk... talk... talk
Yes, even to a wall.. (Though talking to a living person has added benefits..I just wanted to increase your options.. LOL😃) Make sure you scrape that burden and rant your fears out. Sometimes speaking them itself makes you realize that the weight of your worries in your head is more than what resides in actuality. Your uttering those words might make you realize that they are just fears and fear in itself is a negative emotion which should be eliminated rather strengthened.
3. Pen iz Pal
If you prefer writing over talking than it is a good option for you. Writing things is an outlet that can really help you sort stuff. You realize what holds true and where your brain is playing the game. Some days, when I flip pages over my diary and I feel...whoa! I was in a real bad mood that day. My secret journal also goes a long way by lifting my mood whenever I traverse through good old memories sealed in it. Further, a study suggested that habit of maintaining a daily journal not only improved mood and physiological well being but also had many long term benefits such as better immunity that resulted in fewer visits to doctor.
4. Listening an audiobook
This one is my personal favorite. Download a taped book, any genre that interests you, plug your headphones and there you go! An audiobook let's you plunge into a different world where one paints letters according to one's imagination. No botheration, whatsoever. Just a pleasing sound that acts as a perfect aid! Librivox, internet archive, lit2go etc. are a few websites where you can reach out for thousands of free audio books. There are certain apps like Audible and Storytel where you need to pay for a monthly subscription. They also provide the leisure of a free trial period that gives you ample time to verify the quality of books read.
(P.S. - Do try a comedy or thriller story for your book tape)
5. Grab a hot drink(To all the 'chai-philes)
The knowledge passed from generations is what I want to reinstate now. Be it a cup of decaf green tea or a warm milk (with added Coco powder, yum-yum!),a warm drink helps greatly in calming the nervous system. The calming effect of milk is believed to be attributed to tryptophan(amino acid) which raises the level of serotonin thus inducing relaxation. Green tea also contains another amino acid(l-theanine) that produces similar effect.
6. The 'tapping' outlet
Ever heard of a EFT tapping? It is being used as a convenient tool for healing chronic stress. It's the variant of psychological acupressure. Technique developed by Gary Craig uses the fingertips to tap certain points. Begin by tapping the eyebrows, then points around the eye. Loosen your jaw by unclenching the teeth and tap around your cheeks and chin. Tap the back of your neck followed by shoulders, the upper and lower arm and finish by tapping the underarm point. How do you feel? One can also refer to YouTube for perfecting in knowledge of tapping points.
These are few self tried and tested tips. Following them might soften the creases on your forehead !😊


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