Pain - The healing teacher

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Pain - The healing teacher

Pain according to the definition is feeling caused by injury or illness or emotional or mental suffering. Pain is among those deadly emotions which have broken many people of the world. Yet do you know what is the best about pain? Yes, it is the fact that pain is among the best teachers of our life. Often considered as the worst among all, pain actually helps us to grow and nurture. It is that ingredient when which garnishes our lives makes it a lot more delicious and healthy.


Things which are not under our control must be looked from the brighter side and so is the pain. Pain is caused by the loss of someone we love, failure in the task we undertake, unexpected happening and various other ‘bad’ events. These incidents moreover are not in our control, what is in our control is to learn from them, it is to upgrade to a newer version of ourselves. Pain makes you a lot tougher, so when in future a similar situation falls on you, you may have the strength to fight against it for you have already gone through it once. Pain enhances our thinking abilities,problem-solving skills and sharpens our mind by making it more bolder to face tough situations.               

Pain teaches us lifelong lessons which incoming time helps us to acknowledge how and when to react to a different situation. Apart from this pain also rebuilds our personality. We become a lot more open-minded to the outer-world. We start looking at things in a different way. Not every little things bother us because now that we have endured so much pain we don’t find everything worthy to worry upon.

I am not at all in the favor to force you to go and search for pain to help yourself grow into better, the purpose of my writing on this topic is to dawn upon every reader that pain isn’t in our control and what is in our control is to just draw the positive out of it, so the next time you go through pain don’t be disheartened. Every night is followed by sunshine and so will your life be illuminated by it. Pain will help you fight back. It will help you to stand in the race when the crowd isn’t able to bear the pressure. Pain will help you know your true friends, the pain will help you know yourself. You’ll discover various of the strengths you never knew you had. Pain will teach you the importance of life. It will teach you to get up after a fall. Pain will act as a catalyzer in the way to your success. And when you have gone through it all, the pain will be the one factor you’ll be thanking after you are sitting on the throne of your kingdom.



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