Pieces of Advice I would like to give to my juniors

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Neha Gautam
Neha Gautam
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Pieces of Advice I would like to give to my juniors

Recently I have landed on to my last phase of college life and I guess I have few bits of advice which I would like to give my juniors so that they can benefit from my experiences and avoid the mistakes which I did. This advice is not just limited to the academics or college life but it would also help one to shape their overall personality and face the challenges of life courageously.

1. It’s ok to not be clear

During the initial years, I was not at all clear with where I want to land. Which Job I want to choose whether Govt or private, what should I prioritize etc. I always used to feel whether I am on the right track or not and kept questioning myself whether my efforts are being put in the right direction or not. But soon I realized that sometimes it is ok to be in a dilemma. Maturity comes with age and experiences. When you move forward gradually the paths get cleared for you and ultimately you realize what your heart is truly wanting and then it becomes easy to take a decision.

2. Don’t cage yourself

We often cage ourselves in thoughts or views which the society has decided. Sometimes it’s not our will but we don’t even realize why we are behind a particular objective. I admit that there is a race but at least know why you are a part of it! An introspection is really important. For instance in college many people are behind grades- Ask yourself does really grades matter this much. If your future career paths bound you to maintain a specific grade point than it is justified. But what if not, then why are you into that race? Let not society bound you. Think for yourself and if you can answer this “why” with an answer that satisfies the need of your goal then go for it!

3. Welcome bad times

If you walk on already taken safe paths, you would never be able to assert your individuality and gain meaningful lessons. It is just like playing on a simple swing again and again with not so much fun. Try the rides of the roller coaster. Ultimately all situations pass dear. Nothing in this world in constant. But how well did you spend the entire journey is important. Don’t cry, laugh and get excited when a problem comes, put on a detective coat and start looking for possible ways to solve the mystery!

4. Learn to respect others’ views

Throughout your lives, you will be surrounded with people bearing different perspective. It may happen that you may not like someone but still accommodate their opinions too. Correct them if they are wrong if you wish to but don’t build a defensive boundary around you. Learn to put your point forward in a humble tone, even if someone doesn’t agree don’t be in the quest to convince him/her. It’s their own lives don’t interfere beyond a certain level then no matter whatever the relationship may be.

5. These days will not come back!

Life is moving at a breathless speed! These days will not come back. At the verge of your death, you might be thinking that you could have done this that but those thoughts will all go in vain! Do it all today itself- pursue your passion, take time for family and friends, enjoy these moments. Let the bag of guilt, regrets and complaints vacate. Live your life to the fullest!


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