Poised Is The Needed Most Today

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Poised Is The Needed Most Today

The dictionary meaning of the word poise means balance. It also means bearing, emotional stability and self-possession. The word Poise is synonymous with balance, equilibrium central grace and presence. Living a life of Poise implies that we are able to deal with everything that comes to us. We use every challenge thrown at us and everything is a source of learning.

Poise is an issue in every arena where relationships impact the quality of collaboration, partnership and creativity. When we lose our poise in predictable patterns we are stuck, unable to tap our limitless powers. Then anger, irritation, impatience, self-pity, and victimhood pose considerable problems for family, friends, peers and society as a whole.

According To Gary Stokes, the author of the book "POISE:- A Warrior Guide", modern organisations require men and women who have enough self-awareness to sustain balance, composure and quality in the face of extraordinary challenges. Stokes also points out that when we are fully poised we are fully present in our environment. Balanced and composed, we are able to draw all that is pleasurable from any situation. Being Poised we are too connected, grateful, creative and light-hearted, no matter what is happening in our respective lives in the day to day basis.

When we are not fully poised we start making mistakes which are smaller in nature and it grows bigger and bigger as time makes progress. It takes a toll on our judgemental capabilities also, leading to sever faults in our respective lives. It also leads to a diminishing effect on the enjoyment of our lives. Failing to sustain poise, all of us remain trapped in a circle. Then we become trapped in a universal pattern of negativity, it also reflects in our behaviour and thinking. Then we start becoming a victim of self-pity. Self-pity is often our response when something happens and we do not like it all. We become self-victim to it and blame game also starts and start feeling sorry for our selves. Lastly, our potential gets blocked and we start moving in circles and that too wandering aimlessly without any purpose in life.

One of the best methods to come out of this situation is that have AN ATTITUDE FOR GRATITUDE. Secondly, start interacting with people who are more positive (it can be both by physical and through social media sites). Thirdly start doing more physical activities like doing yoga, running, walking, exercises etc. If one has time to learn and start doing meditation.

The more positive we become the more efficient we will become and we will be able to tap our potentials. This, in turn, will help in facing the everyday challenge in a more determined manner. Lastly, Poise is the ultimate cool and all of us should tap our potential to tap it to the fullest extent.


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