Priyanka chopra - a global star but why being trolled for choosing a life partner and why being accused of moving out of a film

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Priyanka chopra - a global star but why being trolled for choosing a life partner and why being accused of moving out of a film



as we all now priyanka chopra has become a global star in today,s world and almost everyone in the globe knows her because of her acting skills but nowadays she is being  the centre of attraction as she has got engaged to nick jonas popular US singer who is 10 years younger to him . priyanka chopra has grabbed all the limelight and media,s favourite due to her engagement news but why is she becoming a butt of jokes a lot of meme has been created by soical media where we can see pics of nick and priyanka doing rounds which funnily trolls pc for chossing a kid nick as a partner? through  this social media meme these people are making fun of relationships. nobody raises a question when a older man marries a younger woman but everyone losses their minds if a elder lady decides to choose a young life partner whats so wrong in doing so? they both love each other and their families also acknowledge it 


who are we to judge them or make fun of them the society is blind they think its inappropriate of a women to choose a young partner as they think elder lady will rule over their partner. which is so wrong thinking of society.


love doesn,t happen by seeing skin colour, age, gender, when you find your true soulmate you just forget everrything and just want to be with him forever..


then why are people judging their relationship making fun of it thats not right... people have to accept it there is nothing wrong in a elder lady choosing a younger life partner just as they accept elder man and younger lady they need to let it go of these myths about relationships and accept the fact.


another thing about pc is grabbing headlines since she has walked out of the salman khan starrer bharat film according to the sources it is said that priyanka chopra has walked out of the film stating of personal reasons but the truth is different according to the sources it is said that priyankawalked out of bharat film because she was getting a very low pay check for her role. which pc thought it was very less considdering her stardom and status. well soon after this news people started accusing her of having so much attitude people started tweeting on her twitter wall "what if you have become a global star dont forget you started as an indian actress only dont forget your roots" well thats not very right of  social media again.


priyanka chopra is a global star she is very famous across the globe whats wrong in demanding a justified pay for her role. she dint ask a pay equal to the actor in the movie which  is much higher but she demanded a justified pay considering her status and stardom whats so wrong about it. 


in bollywood there is gender discrimination when it comes to pay check of actor and actress in a movie so many actress has raised concern over it and priyanka chopra is also one among all. well actress say that producers and  director thinks that a actor is reponsible for the success or failure of a movie, which these actresses doesnt agree as time is changing many women oriented fims are coming out and this actresses have performed brilliantly in the movie which made the movie hit so why not give them the credit why not accept the fact that actress is also as much important as a actor in a movie. well coming back to priyankachopra her personal and professional  life both have become the talk of the town if you also think that a star like her should not be made fun of or accused or named as disrespectfull do share this article and comment your views


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