Pulwama attack signals a bigger problem!

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Pulwama attack signals a bigger problem!

We have heard a lot of debates already on the recent Pulwama terrorist attack whose responsibility was claimed by Jaish-e-Mohammad. On one side there are demands nationwide for retaliation so on the other a section is highlighting the loopholes of our intelligence agency. But today I want to share my opinion on a different angle related to this attack.

It may happen that some of you might not agree with my views, still, I would highly appreciate that you would respect my right to freedom of speech. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

My point is that the boy who was involved in this suicide attack was actually a Kashmiri earlier and then chose a path to militancy. In recent years if you will see there are a large number of local recruits that are happening in such terrorist organisations. Now the prime cause of my concern is- WHY?

Is it that easy to brainwash someone against his own country? Is it that easy to influence the population against their own military forces to understand that they are not for their security but to disturb, harass and kill them? I don’t think so. I believe that there is a massive political gap in Jammu and Kashmir because of which this is happening.

Now you will question that much of the defence expenditure of the government go there. But the fact is that sometimes the solution that you think might prove incapable of solving the problem. Though most of the people of Kashmir respect India, there is surely a section which is not that happy otherwise the slogans of ‘Azadi’ would not have echoed in the valley. The random curfews, destruction of the normal routine life, disturbance of education, professional life etc. force the Kashmiris to think that the government of India or INDIA all together is the cause of their lives being ruined.

Recently the Kashmir’s IAS officer resigned from his post reciting a lack of political will of the central government there. It is indeed alarming that we are losing our own people who are being directed at the wrong path.

I think the time has come that we look deeply into what is forcing the people of Kashmir to lose hope and take actions against their own country. Political support is the prime necessity. We will have to discover how are the youth of Kashmir easily being brainwashed and why are we being incapable of convincing the people that their interest is the country’s interest.


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