Punjabi Has Become Country's National Language for Music

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Punjabi Has Become Country's National Language for Music

In Delhi, while I step inside an auto, I always hear a song [mud ke ta dekh goriye munda horn blow karda] (credits; Hardy Sandhu). You might have also witnessed this song if you have been to Delhi around some time back. And there are many similar Punjabi songs which have formed a separate nervous system to our country's music body. The craze for Punjabi hip-hop and romanticism has blundered Bollywood's hopes for again setting up a musically known industry. Today, we all listen to Punjabi music or at least we know about it. A Punjabi song can be spotted anywhere inside an auto as I said, loudly inside cars, bus stops, family events, radio channels, inside someone's headphones etc. I mean everywhere. 

Though Punjabi music has been providing a variety of music ranging from Ghulam Ali to Bohemia this isn't, to my conscience, the actual reason behind its success. Well, according to me it was a very slow process and luckily I was witnessing when it was evolving. A decade ago, 2010, I came in the knowledge of Punjabi music, and before it, I had only heard few hits of Daler Mehandi and Babbu Mann, which were also only subjected to wedding parties. When I was growing as an adult and alongside observing Punjabi music, I came to figure out a loophole in the music system, and sometime later that defect became the most valuable asset of Punjabi music. Yes, I am talking about Honey Singh, a controversial artist with a naughty persona. Back then TV channels like Mh1 and Chardikala time TV were few mediums of listening to Punjabi music, and after visualising some unknown artists, I heard about Honey Singh. His first known piece Vol1..., obviously banned in family channels, was a silent revolution in the music sector. It was a hit song and everybody was known to it, though I didn't hear about it anywhere. That song had completely changed the youth's perception over music which was before only heartbreak songs from Bollywood. Boys got a new medium to showcase their hatred for girls and eventually it became a signature privacy song. I had witnessed many moments when boys used to play that song loudly while passing a girl in the streets. Anyways, it was the time when people tend to collect information about guys producing such pieces, but due to less exposure of internet(no related Wikipedia), such artists remained a mystery. Two talented but frustrated guys Honey Singh and Badshah decided to rock the world with a vulgar piece of music and with a plan of refusing their involvement in the song later if it goes viral. Wow!

Seeing them, some other artists pooped out and exposed their work countrywide boasting fancy cars and girls. They too got succeed. Since then the limitations of performing only in Punjab and Delhi had completely vanished as people were liking Punjabi songs out from everywhere.

Unlike Bollywood, Punjabi music has succeeded in connecting with the people around age group 15-25. They provide heaps of entertainment for the youth and they are very much aware regarding the trends among them. Whether it's about involving social media into lyrics or narrating a story in video songs, Punjabi music creators have done both very proficiently. In fact, some stories told in a five minute's Punjabi song are way better than many mainstream Bollywood movies. Evidence of the popularity of Punjabi music over Bollywood can be easily obtained from around us. Like, a few years back Ajay Devgan's (one-sided hairs rowing against eyes) hairstyle was a craze and who can forget Salmaan Khan's (Tere Naam) hairstyle, but today's youth is copying those coloured and trimmed hairstyles from Punjabi songs only. Parmish Verma's beard style is the current trend among Punjabi music lovers. 

Punjabi music today mostly work on niches like heartbreak, street fights, ditching (Bewafai), admiring beauty, weird comparison for girls etc. The screen had already changed before actual pioneers like Hardy Sandhu and Guru Randhawa came into existence and it becomes butter slide for them to space themselves. We couldn't deny the contribution of Honey Singh, either way, in the upliftment of Punjabi music. Before Honey Singh, however, there existed classical rappers like of Bohemia but they were not popular widely and had limited audience. 

In the year 2014 Honey Singh was among the top ten most liked celebrities in the country and once I spotted him performing in a world famous Canadian stage where even Hollywood artists didn't get the chance at initial of their career. Keeping songs beside, what I liked about Honey Singh is the music. This guy has very fortunate hands-on composing music. His beats are amazing. They had almost solved the troubles of finding dancing beats for family functions and college events.

Continuing the story of evolution, when Punjabi was no more unknown music to the world, bigger companies like T series also tried their luck and got immense success and many overseas producers and artists also invaded into it. Today Punjabi music has become the lifeline of Bollywood as ninety per cent of Bollywood songs are someway influenced to Punjabi music. Earlier, potential artists had only one way to make into the music industry and it was Bollywood, and Bollywood doesn't give individual fame and recognition as in most of the cases; songs are being remembered for the actor who appeared on it. But today, artists can separately get recognition, fame, money, shows and many more. Today artists from other regions are also getting into singing Punjabi songs, in fact, many known Punjabi singers are from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. For sake; Raja Kumari (a Tamilian NRI, English rapper) who has recently infiltrated into Punjabi music belongs to South India and the world renounced singer Kanika Kapoor (voice of {baby doll mai sone di}) is actually from Uttar Pradesh. 

Today, Punjabi music is launching at least 100+ singers(performers) every year, out of which, though, only two percent get recognition and rest are lost in the crowd. But those two percent have fame equivalent to Bollywood celebs and some have even more appreciated reputation. In addition, those who are not very much sound with sa, re, ga, ma, are seeking opportunities in the sector; Rapping. Not researched stats, but I think today we have a rapper in every street of each Indian city, town and village. 

But why only Punjabi gained so much attention and not the music of any other state. Well, I have drawn some points which might satisfy the cause.

1> Punjabi language is very much relatable to Hindi and it is something not very much out of the world. We can't get each word separately but we get the essence of the song.

2>They hire beautiful and glamorous girls, sometimes those girls who have no sense of hindi forget Punjabi.

3> They boast fancy cars and clothes, and very frequently involve luxury cars and top brand into lyrics which obviously attracts youth.

4> Most songs proudly showcase fake guns, knifes and swords as if they are necessary education tools, but anyways, these things are liked by adolescents.

5> Most of the songs are based on taunting a beautiful girl over her beauty which in all the ways comforts all the single guys out there.


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