Reasons Why Should You Choose SAG RTA

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Reasons Why Should You Choose SAG RTA

SAG RTA is Registrar and Transfer Agent, it is the first SEBI authorized RTA Service provider in Rajasthan, India.

SAG RTA provides all the RTA related services that duly fulfill all the needs of the investors. SAG RTA’s portfolio of services includes dematerialization of securities through CDSL/NSDL depositories, dividend payout via ECS transfer, and much more.

Apart from reputation in the field and quality RTA Services there are many more valid reasons to choose SAG RTA As Registrar and Share Transfer Agent:

1. Unmatched RTA Services

Whether the client is a Mutual fund house, Investment companies, or professionals like CA, CS, etc. they are overwhelmed by its unmatched services. SAG RTA services include converting the share certificates into electronic or digital form, keeping them in the Demat account, opening with the depository participant (DP), etc. SAG RTA is very reliable at maintaining and keeping investor’s records up-to-date and also carrying out security transfer. They also help investors with making transactions for buying and selling shares and also keep their personal information updated and handle mail processing.

2. NSDL/CDSL Depository Connectivity

SAG RTA also provides connectivity with the share depositories of India, the two share depositories of India are Central Depository Services (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). This also allows clients to access and regulate their activities hasslefree in the share market. SAG RTA also provides help in furnishing applications and forms.

3. Ready to download RTA Forms

Most of the forms required for registration and other activities for the mutual fund houses, public limited companies, investors, and other professionals from the industry are collected and are provided for accessing and downloading directly from the SAG RTA website so no wandering here and just visit the website and download it.

SAG RTA is also a place for some other very important forms such as forms required for secure transfer of nominees along with forms required for making changes in the name or address or signature. It will also provide guidance and procedure to fill the forms and submit them.

4. Unbelievable Prices

SAG RTA is providing services with the minimum margin criteria. SAG RTA offers all the Registrar and Transfer Agent Services to clients at competitive prices. It is considered as one of the most cost-effective RTA service providers in India by many of the customers.

5. Login Dashboard

SAG RTA provides unique services, you will be surprised to read that It provides a fully functional login dashboard to the professionals as well as clients. The Dashboard is available for all clients and mutual fund houses. It is a p[lace from where the client and professionals can log in to their account on the SAG RTA website. It is one of the greatest features available at SAG RTA which can be helpful for professionals like CA, CS, and financial experts.

6. Always UP-to-Date

You will find the SAG RTA website and services always up-to-date with the new norms, guidelines, announcements, etc. The services and processes are constantly refreshed as per the latest norms, guidelines, compliances, and processes notified by the central government. To keep clients up-to-date with the new information and changes SAG Registrar and Share Transfer Agent communicates with the clients at regular intervals.

7. Incomparable Support from Experienced Team

SAG RTA also provides support, help, and guidance to the clients, which includes technical support too. SAG RTA is able to provide help through calls or mail at working hours and even after that if needed. It has a team of experts responsible for handling all the doubts and queries to the clients. Apart from the support, SAG RTA also features a team of professionals who checks and make sure that all the documents meet requirements as per various regulatory compliances and also store them securely for further use.

These are the 7 valid reasons to choose SAG RTA over any other RTA Services, for more information and access to all the features make sure to contact SAG RTA.

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