Remedy for Happiness

Dec 7 , 2018 7 min read 1718 Views Likes 2 Comments
Remedy for Happiness

The Problem

Have you not been a victim of inflation? Have you not witnessed corruption? Have you not seen the uproar in crime? 

Maybe this ain't bothering you that much, so let's just take an example of your daily life. You've been a victim of traffic jams. You've seen people being rude for no reason at all. You've seen people fighting uselessly. You've seen piles of litter on your daily route. All this contributing to an unhealthy and unlivable environment.

The Reason

Well if you observe closely you will realise, that people are not satisfied with their lives. But why is that? The answer may seem unexpected and irrelevant at first but let me bring your attention to this. Population. Haven't you heard about small and peaceful places, where the sole purpose of life is to recreate? And here in India, we've outgrown that value by a far big number. I've seen young students struggling their way to get into a college, which is only limited in number hence making the competitive exams tougher. I've seen unemployment as a result of the same. I've seen people doing misdeeds all in the name of helplessness. Have a walk around a market. You'll find faces full with frustration. All out on the road for some work. When was the last time you saw someone going out just simply walking on the road without any purpose, simply enjoying his life? Life was not tough, people have made it tough by increasing the stakes among themselves.

The Solution

One Family One Child. A population control bill. The purpose of the bill is not to target any community, caste or religion.

The bill is quite simple but effective in its own way. Ten months from now(the date on which the bill starts) if a child is born having an elder sibling, then the whole family will be considered to be economically well and hence will be deprived of all government aids, reservations and subsidies for the rest of their life. The bill does not force you from producing a child. This bill automatically targets the class of India which aimlessly produce children having no money for their grooming. Once they realise the drawbacks of having a second child when they are not financially stable to support even the first one the population will automatically start getting in control. 

I see no reason why this bill should be further delayed. We all deserve a better lifestyle.

Thank you.