Reservation : effective or defective

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Reservation : effective or defective

When  my husband returned from his office he was very upset.  I did not ask anything but waited till dinner was over. After the dinner I asked him"  what happened in the office?  Why are you looking so upset?  He answered  " I  may not get promotion this year" .  Suddenly  I became speechless as we were very sure that he will be promoted  because his performance was outstanding.  Slowly I wanted to know the reason behind it and he replied  " this year they may again  start reservation for scheduled caste and scheduled tribes in promotion "  . I was stunned.  How come they are thinking of giving reservation in such a top management level . My husband broke the silence and told due to reservation someone with lower capability and with low level of performance will get promoted but I wouldn't get elevated as I belong to a higher caste. That is my fault. So from next year I won't try at all to achieve the targets.  Because I know someone less capable will be my boss only because of his caste. Somehow I consoled him by saying have faith in God everything will be fine. 

But that one word reservation was glued to my thoughts.  I was thinking is it really correct to give promotion to less de serving candidates just because they belong to some specific castes. I totally support the fact that some castes are still oppressed and downtrodden.  They are far from the development of our country.  They have not received the fruits of our progress even after 71 year's of independence . But does that mean they will snatch it from the deserved one's . If it happens then the country's progress will be halted. Just think what happens in the engineering and medical entrances . While the general caste students with 70 % mark didn't get select on the other hand students with quota qualify with below pass mark. So you think the level of doctors and engineers our country will produce?  Therefore this reservation system will be a big obstacle in the way of the development of our human resources.  But our politicians will never think about it because their vote bank will be affected.  It's only for their self interest the politicians are supporting the system.  

Today we are witnessing the huge success of our software professionals.  This has become possible only because of no reservation policy . So the time has come to think about this reservation policy.  Whether the policy should continue or it should be changed for the betterment of our people.  Rather than giving caste based reservation the reservation should be on the basis of income . The financially weak people irrespective of caste should be given reservation. And that should be strictly restricted to only entry level jobs and not in case of further promotion.  All the elevation should be on the basis of merit only.

"Are you still watching the TV. ? My husband'S question cut the process of my thought.  I went to sleep. While trying to sleep my husband asked me if he can share his experience with me. I knew he was upset so to make him stress free I showed my curiosity to know about the incident.  He continued " our regional head has got promotion because of his caste. If you consider his capability he is suitable for only lower level management jobs but today he is in top level management.  Thanks to the quota system . And you know whenever some important decision has to be taken he never gives his opinion . Most of the time the lower level people take the decision and he just sign the document. "  Out of surprise I asked what will happen if something goes wrong?  What will he do when he will be held responsible? . Without wasting any time my husband replied whenever he signs any documents he writes"as recommended by assistant regional director ". Then puts his signature. I was really stunned. So  is this the manner in which some bosses if not all work in a government organisation? Is this the aim of reservation policy ? If the people other than general caste only want income  and not reputation in the respective organisation? . 

So everyone please give a second thought to the reservation policy  and demand it to be changed accordingly. 


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