Reservation quota in India

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Reservation quota in India

Indian politics has reached its frenzy, as its on the threshold of general elections next year, 2019. In lieu of that, all the political parties have nosedived into the arena, fighting like crazy maniacs, indulging in mud slanging & seem determined to prove that the opposition parties are worthless, which automatically should be read as “ they are the worst, so we are the best! “

Whaf further distresses me, are the so called relevant issues, which are being  used to manipulate votes for their own interests. One of such issues is the reservation quota whereby they strive to attract voters from the minority community. Their oath is to uplift the down trodden to give way to a more equatable society, in terms of finance & status. 

The reservation quota gives certain percentage of job placements in Govt offices, promotions , college admissions to the minorities who are considered to be from the lower strata of the society, such as the scheduled caste & the scheduled tribes, the Dalits, to cite a few examples. The percentage has peaked to an estimated 48% in toto for the SC & ST & the OBCs. It is an alarming rate, which is threatening to further expand, with recent additions being demanded by various other communities, the Patel andolan & the Maratha agitation as the latest examples of protests & demands.

In my opinion, this should be stopped completely as our constitutional right empathetically states “right to equality”.

May it be education, job opportunities, promotions or placements, it should be governed on the terms of merit, not birth.

Caste system should be eradicated completely & no one should be judged accordingly. The answer is to treat all with the same dignity. Not by birth but by right.

Let the deserving get the placements & opportunities. Who has given who the right to judge a person deemed to be born in a higher or lower caste? 

The undeserving candidate has no right to be in a position where in he or she can play with the lives of so many innocent citizens. The living example is the Indian railways which has witnessed gruesome accidents due to such inductions. In most cases, it was the indecisive act of officials, belonging to the minority, who were just not capable of such responsible positions.

So please, let their be an Indian society where all it’s citizens are treated as one, with no superiors or inferiors. 

I am a proud Indian & wish to witness a free & radical Indian society !!

Thankimg you,

I remain, humbly 

Sapna Pushkarna