RTA - The Ultimate Solution For MF Investors & Companies

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RTA - The Ultimate Solution For MF Investors & Companies

RTA stands for Registrar and Transfer Agent, the Shares Dematerialization and RTA have become necessary for share transfer, that’s why it also becomes important to everyone to know about RTAs, and how it is the ultimate Solution For MF Investors & Companies.

The mutual fund transaction includes a number of digital and manual activities. Transactions which include buying, selling, and switching shares need to be properly recorded and timely updated by the mutual fund companies to keep everything prepared for future activities.

In a number of cases, some basic details such as investor’s addresses, names or bank details also need to be changed or updated and additionally, Investors also need to dematerialize or rematerialize their shares and securities, along with all these they also need to take care about the payout dividend. But, Investors and owners have a busy life with their core responsibilities, So, Do you know who accomplishes these all-important tasks on the Investor’s behalf? Yes, you guessed it right, An RTA or an RTA service provider.

Registrar & Transfer Agent Services

The direct answer is RTA , they take care of all the tasks which are mentioned above, One of the top RTA Services by SAG RTA not only records all the transactions by the investors (mutual fund) on behalf of mutual fund companies but they also facilitate investors in their mutual fund related job.

Updating investor’s addresses, names or bank details, dematerialize or rematerialize their shares and securities, payout dividend, are some of the basic responsibility of RTA, SAG RTA (Registrar and Share Transfer Agent) helps investors on the next level like it helps investors in settling the IEPF claim, in CDSL/NSDL depositories procedure, and dividends Payment through ECS transfer, and many more advanced tasks.

To clear all the doubts (if any) and to provide all the information about Registrar Transfer Agency Services we prepared answers to all the questions which will come into your mind.

What Registrar & Share Transfer Agent Really Means?

Registrar and share transfer agents are the authorized institution or trust and their core work is to record and maintain proper records of the investor’s transaction to provide the highest convenience to the mutual fund or other financial institution.

Big companies often have many investors, so it is a tough task to keep a record of everything and that’s why to record all transactions accurately they choose third-party RTA Agents in the Mutual world.

Which are India’s leading Registrar and Share Transfer Agent in the Mutual Fund world?

Well, here are the most reputed RTA agents in the Mutual Fund world of India are listed below:

  • SAG RTA by SAG Infotech Private Limited.
  • Karvy Computershare Limited
  • Franklin Templeton International Services Private Limited
  • Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) Ltd.

What a Register and Transfer Agent do for Investors and Mutual Funds Companies?

RTA service provider is a multifunctional solution for companies having many investors. RTAs take care of Investor’s personal data updation, record-keeping, pay out dividends, etc. tasks. Registrar & Transfer Agent are the professionals and they work through the branches which are located all over the nation. This is also the reason that they stay up-to-date with all the rules and regulations and also meets the need of investors and mutual fund companies.

It is also a task for RTAs to keep investors updated about new offers, changes, and schemes, additionally, they also assist investors to make a beneficial deal. Due to this, they also often considered as marketing personnel for mutual fund companies.

Register and Transfer Agents offer an end-to-end solution to all the three layers of stakeholders i.e. Investors, Distributors, and the AMC of Mutual Fund Companies. They also provide a reliable solution for investors to avoid direct communication with Mutual Fund Officers by visiting their offices. RTAs usually keeps the Investors updated about forms of fund houses, FMPs (Fixed maturity plans) maturity dates, dates of dividend distribution, and about any new offers.

RTAs are also responsible for the transactions of investors (if needed) and procure statements of their accounts. Notable thing is that Mutual Fund companies Pay RTA from the recovered fund from investors, RTAs do not charge any fee/ payment from mutual fund investors.

RTA service providers must be availed from SEBI to provide all their services properly. SAG RTA is a leading RTA service provider, it is also accredited by SEBI. Feel free to contact us to get more information and use our services. SAG RTA is dedicated to providing all the facilities with accuracy and adherence to prevailing laws.  

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