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Sanju_The Movie


So for all those who are still not aware Sanju is the Biography on the famous actor Sanjay Dutt. The actor who has given us stellar performances in movies like Munna bhai, Vaastav, Khalnayak, in real life has been a true child of controversy. And this movie promises the real side of the story.
Till now,  the movie has earned Rs 500 crore( YES 500) worldwide. Our favourite #Barfi has magically turned into the hero(!!!)of eighties( or early ninety because half of eighties he was just stoned)....the resemblance is too much to be real...people are going gaga over the acting.....blah blah blah. 
No doubt the movie is very well created. The actors were true to their characters and we are now all convinced Sanjay Dutt was a great guy 'only victims of circumstances and other "bad" people who just exploited him because he was ‘so naive.'  Whether in doing drugs, or just keeping an AK 56 to protect his dad(🤣🤣🤣)
And he doesn't care now what other people think of him as his father have taught him "Kuch toh log kahenge."
And in exposing the true side of his story the director conveniently forgot the other marriages and affairs that were a part of his life. I remember reading an old article when the protagonist was not so old and was not this much forgetful about certain characters in his life. There our hero had proclaimed how his then wife and love Rhea Pillai stood rock solid during his first stint with jail. Or his first wife who died of cancer for whom he did not have as much sympathy as he was busy in a love affair with a Bollywood beauty

And the perfect family man who wanted to commit suicide to save the grace of his now very young kids, how conveniently forgot his first Daughter(!!!!). The 'harmless' guy as tagged by his present wife, tests his best friend's girlfriend by sleeping with her and then casually tags her "ladki ki character thik nahi hai" and justify his act. No remorse or anything.
In a time when there is a dearth of sensible and responsible directors in Bollywood Rajkumar Hirani is someone we look upto.
We've got quite a few movies from this reputed director-producer duo on quite a few sensible and sensitive's painful to see that after PK this is what they had to offer us....they found no other other exemplary figure to repeat their cinematic magic!
Though our country has innumerable respectable people from whom the youth can draw inspiration, if brilliant directors choose to portray them.
But alas! The youth would instead find it "cool" to commit all nuisances portrayed by our hero-the protagonist of the film.
Well our country needs to sympathise more with such 'victims of circumstances and wrong choices." Hoping to see such sympathy for other "not so well bred and rich" guys born in the wrong part of the country and take up arms and who convince themselves also that they needed to do it to protect their families only and soon they will also be snatched the tag of terrorists....

P.S.  I do not support terrorism- neither by a spoilt brat nor by the religious fanatics nor the separatists.


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