Save A Life ! Please !

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Sep 4 , 2018 6 min read 1961 Views Likes 0 Comments
Save A Life ! Please !

We are born as humans for a reason. Compassion and kindness should be our first nature as a society. More than depression, it is the general apathy of the people around, which kills people. It is an alarming fact. Do we think enough to save a life? All around you, hands are being raised, asking for help – how many of us respond to those cries of help? It is important to know that one handshake, one hug, has the potential to save a life.

All lives are important. As part of families, we do our best to protect and nurture them., However, what is our role as a society? Depression, anxiety and other mental ailments are spreading like plague – not by touch, but by the insensitivity of people. For one, the sufferers do not like to talk about it. To make matters worse, if somebody musters up enough courage to discuss this, we turn our heads away. Why? In fact, I have heard people passing judgements on the suicide victims. They are often called as cowards and that they were not ready to face the adversities of life.

We need to understand that it takes tremendous amount of self-will and spine to take one’s life. If someone has unfortunately reached that point, try imagining the amount of pressure he/she would be undergoing. As fellow humans, are we doing enough to lessen the gravity of the situation? If you were a victim at one point of time and did not get any help, is that reason enough not to help others?

It is not difficult. Together, we can make our surroundings living worthy. It matters. Every life matters. People living with depression are living in a hell. Your mind becomes your biggest enemy. Try imagining a constant struggle between you and your mind. It kills.

Please do respond to the cries of help. If there isn’t any cry, try noticing the symptoms and help. Hold a hand, give a hug, and tell them - they matter. Every life matters.


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