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Today every person is looking for the tools or the mantra for self-development. All of us look outside for this mantra or the tool. The main mantras and tools for self-development lie deep inside us and all of us have forgotten about this.

In the first few years of life as infants, we are eager to eat, learn, walk, speak etc. Then as we grow up and reach school, at a kindergarten level, we are eager to read and write. This process goes on for a while and then gradually, it starts to diminish away (starts fading away). The main reason is that our mind acts like a sponge and we absorb knowledge from different sources that are available at that point in time. When we become adults, we spend more time reinforcing our existing belief and creating separation between us and "the other", instead of learning from our differences.

Then as we get our first job we want to learn everything about it, we start taking positive steps by adding few skills set and in the same routine of life we stop doing and we close our minds. Self-development is not there and we become a cocoon. But if we keep our sense of wonder alive we will discover a lot about ourselves and the world around us also.

However, to overcome all this there are basic pillars of life and if we can overcome this, but for this, all of us have to start once again. The pillars of self-development are as follows:-

1. CURIOSITY:- We are born with curiosity, but start losing it when we start becoming adults. We do not have to go back to schools to learn new things. Self-teaching through books, videos are a great way to nurture any interest. We have to go deeper and deeper so as to learn finer points. One can also take help from the internet also Meet and talk to a lot of people as each person teaches us some new invaluable lessons of life. This is a very helpful and practical method.

2. AWARENESS:- Being able to observe what is going on around us and inside us, and in being in touch with our emotions and feelings are essential traits of nurture. Awareness and self-awareness are crucial to create a healthy relationship with the world and ourselves. When we approach life only in a very rational way it can be hard to connect with our feelings. It's essential to take a moment to breathe and investigate as what is going inside us. Self-awareness can also be increased by doing meditation. 

3. COMPASSION:- As we become aware of the world around us and get in touch with our feelings, we create space to hold our emotions and emotions to others. We feel them, accept them, and learn how to deal with them. We stop judging others and ourselves and start loving creatures around us.

4. SERVICE:- The next stage is giving service to human mankind in some form or the other form.In whatever capacity we should try to do our best and help other poor, helpless people. Giving service to human mankind is doing the duty of the highest order. But before thinking of giving any service to human beings first raise your self to that level.

5. DISCIPLINE:- It is the last of the pillar but most important pillar. One should develop self-discipline so that self-development is possible. Along getting disciplined one gets better as a person and leaving all our worries, the anxiety we start appreciating our lives and we also start enjoying it also.

These are the pillars of development and one can start learning all over again. It is never too late in learning new skills and we become better human beings. Never stop until you have reached where you wanted to be.


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