Serena Williams loses US open by twenty-year old Naomi Osaka and first time ever story become by a outburst and one who loses instead of a winner

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Serena Williams loses US open by twenty-year old Naomi Osaka and first time ever story become by a outburst and one who loses instead of a winner

Serena Williams, 36- year old and world's finest tennis player 23-time Grand Slam champion, and a role model of millions was fined $17,000 (£13,100) for code violations that included calling coach a "liar" and "thief". 

This been a news since last few days because Serena Williams isn't a any tennis player, instead a very eminent and powerful personality renowned by entire world. She get outburseted between game due to that she lost the cup.

There is always a single story but it made up of two different parts, two different perspective make a complete perception.

As that few people criticised Williams for being rude and couldn't digest her losing. Some people are praising her for managing herself and give support to Osaka when crowd in stadium hooting for Osaka.

Some people also become very emotional and sympathize her all the time.

But in these all what I have noticed is first time might be a person made all stories and attract the highlights after losing and the one who won been lost.

Naomi Osaka a 20-year old any of male and female from Japan's history has become first ever US champion couldn't get that much praising, and love because here all eminence goes through to an old and big player.

It's like Osaka was a candle been diminished to the light of sun that was Williams.

While discussing the story one of said, "people of America aren't any great or very graceful, they are narrowed, jealous and cruel.

How well in a moment he passed the complete judgement for a entire nation on the basis of a single incident.

That tells a tiny tales of humans.

But only then a thought strike in my mind that really does this matter of a nation?


This is the story of humans, because after saying that without noticing he gave us one other example of where Indians burnt the chairs in Eden garden Kolkata after loosing  cricket match against Sri Lanka.

Then it proves this is all about mind-set of human being not of any state or nation.

Humans are humans they have their imperfections no matter how great and renowned they are, humans have factors of jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness and fear of losing, and habit of winning, arrogance and ego.

With power and fame ego always came to you, to me it's not only Williams have!

She is a great personality but even she is a human not a God.

Firstly accordinu pychology, with the age people become impatient, frustrated, irritated and weak. Secondly when you have power and lots of name you get hurt much more from the less failure.

That all happened in the case of Serena she has a very strong habit of winning so she couldn't digest her losing by a 20- year old girl. Her ego get hurt and she lost her control from herself. 

And I believe if there is another one was in the place of Williams also has done same thing except one person is very graceful and divine someone like Christ.

Even she managed herself and make crowd silent and support Osaka.

It's shows the her beauty lies in her heart.

There wasn't any fault of Osaka that she couldn't celebrate much of her winning and get enough space in news and stories. But for her is enough to get the victory against her idol and a world's top player Williams. 

It's just a beginning of her she will get much more in upcoming future. 

And as life is a cycle and walk in a circular way from where we begin at last come exact there to end. So might be one day Osaka also reach on the Williams place and  experience this same situation with some other one.

For me williams and Osaka both are right on their places, both have behaved like a human that we can expect to them there isn't any wrong.



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