She is a girl. So what? She also have a passion and a fiery dreams. ...

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She is a girl. So what? She also have a passion and a fiery dreams. ...

She is a girl. So what? She also have a passion and a fiery dreams...

​​​​​​      When it comes to a girl, someone will have a magical strong desire about their future and their dreams. Sometimes the clock struggles her, she is ready to burn her eyelids and gives her hard work to achieve. But the struggle is only the society but you have noone to encourage you just have to break the hurdle in one stroke.

     She is ready to face the challenge whatever it is, but there is a boundary that she can't cross called family. Every single girl and a women has magical power and enthusiasm to touch and catch their destiny. Well it is only for her protection, they would like to protect her but apart from that she have to choose the path if it is full of thorns or full of roses. She have to discover her flaws and fix it by herself. When everyone knows these all outside but they still doing it. If you are not aware anyone could tell you and lit up the soul. But the miracle is everyone knows that she have to do something and she have to accomplish her purpose in this earth. 

     But they could be her brother or mother any relative they are just ignoring it. Even they did not listen to her dreams and why she is so curious about it. Ofcourse Time is priceless, when you are not using the time atleast for your loved one's then only it could be useless. 

     You have to help her to be brave enough to remove the thorns in her life. Noone could answer for others life questions. You have to let her to go on her path and if she is making a sand castle or a real one it is belong to her and she is the one who is going to stay.

" So just stay away if you are stopping her to reach the light. Stay away if you are the one who stops the sunshine in her sky. "

     The problem is they need the acceptance and the blessing before she engage in it. Still few men have the control over women that they decides what she have to do, what is her limit to dream and thinking that they can't achieve the best. 

      There is women just standing aside and just watching when the girl's dreams burn. They must have to stand by her side and must seek the feelings and the dreams of her. The girl will reach their destiny whatever she faces in her path, but the thing is her family should encourage her. The girl can be from anywhere and at sometime she will be the greatest treasure. So do not try to hold the dreams of girls, don't forget to return her wings to fly. She is a girl. But she has a destiny.


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