Slim yet shameless .

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Anjali Arya
Anjali Arya
Aug 14 , 2018 5 min read 1744 Views Likes 0 Comments
Slim yet shameless .

She looked at herself in the mirror and customised her opinion to become the perfect body type . Well , that isnt easy , right ? 

We always classify ourselves on the type of body we have , the shape we belong to and put up standards to meet the perfection of an hour glass . But then the mirror doesnt seem to make it easy for any of us .. The camers filter works , but only for the face ... tough life isnt it ... 

Actually , people critisize every body type .. fat ... bullied ..... slim ... bullied . 

Well, I fall into the second category . 

The term zero figure exist in dictionary of kareena kapoor only , but having one naturally is bullied and ending up with comments -“dont you get food to eat? I guess you are adopted , look at your siblings and parents , they are fine and healthy .”

and the drastic ones come when dont feel sick but you are made to feel so -“ Have you been sick ? Look at your cheeks . Omg! Look at your waist , does it even exist?” And to be continued ! 

You cant change the world right ? 

But I feel I can change the definition of who I wanna be ! 

People I am well enough to know that there is a difference between being “PERFECT” and “PREFECT” . 

I am not running to become the perfect because I know I belong to my PREFECT dictionary . 

And it no shame to me because I slim . Neither you should be ! 




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