Social Media needs a change

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Social Media needs a change

We are constantly looking down.

There are so many beautiful things to appreciate in this world. So many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, which you actually might see because you're taking an artsy pic for your snap story. So many beautiful and wonderful people around. But social media has us looking down. All of those cute stories of people meeting on the sidewalk or in a coffee shop are soon to be extinct because everyone is looking down and could care less about the world around them. We need to look up.

Time. Time. Time

People always use time as an excuse. "I can't go to the gym because I don't have enough time." "I'm missing out on doing a daily devotional because I don't have the time." And the list goes on. But guess what? You have the time. That hour or two you gave up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat could easily have been an hour or two at the gym, an hour hanging out with people face to face, or an hour spent doing that daily devotional you've been wanting to do. You need to treat your activities like a Snapchat streak. You can remember to Snapchat for 30 days in a row to keep a streak, so start making it a habit to do that devotional, go to the gym, hang out with someone. You have the time and the dedication. It's there.

Causes Unnecessary Stress.

This is the biggest one. I find it so heartbreaking and awful that social media actually ruins relationships. People are constantly checking on their significant others and getting angry at their tweets or their favourites. The stress that comes with social media is absurd. No one should be angry because of a tweet they see. That is childish and petty. If someone isn't strong enough or brave enough to say it to your face, then it shouldn't bother you. People feel invincible behind a computer screen, but if they can't say it to your face, then just laugh it off. It's childish. Cyberbullying is one of the biggest issues in schools. Now, instead of someone insulting a kid to their face, they all gang up on each other on social media. They post comments completely destroying someone's self-confidence and it destroys someone. Social media causes stress that is completely unnecessary and stupid. If you think social media is destroying your relationship, you have some bigger problems you need to deal with.


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