Sometimes a ray of hope is all the sunshine you need !!

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Sometimes a ray of hope is all the sunshine you need !!

Lately, I have been observing human nature, the birth of our achievements and success also includes the slightest motivation that someone gave us.For instance, an inspiration towards something, a ‘will’ to do something and that has been all that changed that spark to fire. Surrounding yourselves with those who could just hold your back in the long lane has aided people a lot. Okay, now what about the others? The ones who didn’t get this motivation? The ones who have been struggling with all the breakdowns, standing up again only to fall back? ‘Will Power’, does that makes them strong? Yeah, sure it does, but till when? The question here arises is till when can someone go on falling and trying to get back all alone without someone by their side to make them realize that ‘we are here and we believe you’ll make through’? I have been through a lot of people who do not find their ‘kind’ in this crowd. I have seen people struggling to cross hurdles by themselves. There have been instances of people trying to untangle themselves from their own wild thoughts. They have people around to help them, but they don’t feel the help !!! They find it better to shut their mouths and cope up with all alone. FAIR ENOUGH !!

You would wonder as to why is this article coming up with questions, right? What could you do to make a difference? So the answer is, guys YOU CAN. Have you ever come across a day when your day was going all bad and one person complimented you on your dress, or on any of your talents, or your humor maybe? That smile on your face, that one compliment was enough to brighten up your day for a bit, wasn’t it? Now you see if a one-line compliment can buck you up to that level , the person who’s been falling high from above due to failures, false consolation, unsuccessful projects, that person if you could just show a ray of hope to him, a light, no am not talking about the sunshine, am talking about the moonlight , just that one, the one which could remove that darkness a little bit, don’t you think that would be enough for mankind to evolve and elevate?? We all are going through some of the other struggles. No one’s life has been perfect ever. We all have a life like a rollercoaster ride with the up and downs. “Do to others what you want to be done to yourself”, heard it right? Then why not let the journey begin? From you, from now. Getting demotivated is such a strong feeling, it takes seconds to destroy your mental peace. When you undertake some task which could gain you like 9 of 10 appreciations and 1 among which says ‘no ! it ain’t good’ and then you see how easily your mind turns off. That’s the effect of one sentence on any person. In this world of struggles, to put a smile on someone’s face costs 0/- I guess. People are struggling to achieve their goals, You yourself are going through the same. What goes around comes around , so the next time you feel someone trying to hide their pain behind their sweet smile, don’t question them just make them feel you are brilliant and you will do wonders for that one bright sentence if can light their face to even 1 %, guys you have done your job.


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