Squad - My forever dream. || By Shail

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Squad - My forever dream. || By Shail

I've always dreamt of the girls squad - the one wherein girls actually stand for each other, share and care and just truly love. Where trust for the other ones is unbreakable and unity binds them all. A squad that never lets you feel the need of any man and the only reason for which you fight is each other's concern. You never let the other ones' crown fall under any circumstance and in the sweet nothings, you do everything to make them smile.
Not that I've never had those girls in my life, but maybe the time always plays wrong. Such girls exist but often, are broken so easily by the people around them for wearing their hearts on sleeves. They fall down eight times and get up nine but the next time, they just break. They dare not to open up themselves to the society as the world seems to be brutally suppressive of their beauty. I wish, they weren't so fragile, not everytime. . but had it been; I wonder who would nurture the love they spread.

Squad || By Shail.


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