Startup and You!

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Startup and You!

Entrepreneurship is an idea to formulate, implement, and to mount up a new business idea and the people involved in the execution of these ideas are the ENTREPRENEURS.

The ENTREPRENEURS basically start their business with a small initiation step towards the aim of their newly-born company which in more appropriate words known as ‘STARTUP’

Startup primarily is a term coined for a business plan which mostly can or cannot be successful. Starting a startup involves various risk factors which include lack of funding, bad business decision, lack of market demand and if your luck is abominable it could be the fusion of all these fortuities.

Golf and Gambling these games are game of luck. In gambling, it’s your luck that determines the cards you have, but If you don’t know how to take the advantage of those cards “LUCK” does not stands your way. Similarly while planning a startup, LUCK does play a vital role but it’s you who has to take up the advantage of driving it on the path that you want to, else all could go in vain.

A number of startups have brought upon a phenomenal change in providing ease to the common people. “OLA”, The ondoor transportation services, bestowed upon the masses in 2010, the paramountcy of which is realized now. It was a good effort by the graduates of IIT BOMBAY, which has elevated the progression of our respected Prime Minister’s idea of DIGITAL WORLD, as one tap and the drive is at your door in a max of 20 minutes.

Flipkart is another startup with a basic idea of e-commerce marketing. Paytm also is an excellent effort for Indian electronic payment and e-commerce company.

To stand apart from the crowd, to be in the driver’s seat of your own establishment and to carry on the things the way you want to, a startup plan is the most appropriate option to work on. Startups are one of the best opportunities to bring to play your abilities, emend them and make out the best use of those god-gifted problems. Even Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so the most required trait for an ENTREPRENEUR is patience. Legends are those who face the problems sportingly.

Don’t always go out looking out to build an empire, built a kingdom instead. Things were not designed because they were meant to be implemented that way but because others could not analyze different mode by which it could be enforced. Startup brings an opportunity to unveil the hidden you. Being an entrepreneur you elevate your personality, discover your possibilities, and broaden your perspectives in the way of achieving the dream of building your own empire.


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