Stop Extracting and Start preserving

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Stop Extracting and Start preserving

Environment the surrounding we all live in. It icludes the vast  natural resources of our world to the surrounding  tech savy space of our day to day lives. Environment can be categorized into natural , artificial  nad social. 
    Now lets keep artificial nad social aside and talk about our natural environment. Since the birth  of  mankind, humans have been dependent on nature. We foraged forest for food, hunted the animals for meat  and  fur , fished the lakes, rivers and oceans for food. We have  chopped down forests for timbers. Now  we always thought that  no matter how much we  extract from nature , it would be replenished by itself. It has always been  an one sided affair between  us and nature.  As time went by  we humans became reckless, which finally tipped the balance.

With the advent of new technology, we have  chpped down acres of  forest in a day, with improved nets and navgation we have overfished  the  oceans  causing  severe damage to the population of fishes and marine life.  The discovery of fossil fuels and  with the advent of industial revolution tonnes of green house gases have been released into the  atmosphere.  The CFCs have created a hole in the ozone. This has lead to a drastic increase in the global temperature, which has resulted in the melting of polar icecaps. It  does not stop here we have hunted  animal species to extinction, left -places barren and irradiated with nuclear tests,  destroyed ecosystems with our trash and illegal constructions etc.

    Well mother nature  has back fired too. In the last few  decades there has been many natural disasters. There has been increased number of cyclones, hurricanes, flash floods etc. causing  great damage to human life, property and surrounding environment. Few examples are 2004 Tsunami (Indonesia), hurricane katrina 2005  USA,  Flash flood Utttrakhand 2013 and most recnt flood at Kerala.

    Its  time people realize that this one sided affair with nature is not working and turn it  into a mutual healthy relationship. We should stop exploting and  start preserving. We should start by decommisioning illegal construction, afforestation a nd also focus on clean energy. We should preserve our forests and wildlife. We  should stop over fishing and  concentrate on alternate sources of food, like instead of  fish we can harvest sea weed, clams ,mussels etc. We  should focus on what we have rather than what we need.
India as  a developing nation should  concentrate on bio fuels,sustainale agriculture etc.



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