Stop what you are doing now and reflect

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Alen Jose
Alen Jose
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Stop what you are doing now and reflect

If you have stumbled upon this article, you might be in pursuit of a better life. Let us take a moment to think about what you are doing now.

Are you mechanically pursuing something just to kill time? Does Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc keep you glued on for hours? If you look back from the future, will your activities make you smile or will you be saddened by the sheer wastage of time?

If you get a 'YES' for any of the above, you seriously have to do something about it.

On the other hand, some of you might be thinking about how you could have better spent your past days. I too look back at my college days and think about how much more I could have done.

All these points to a single word - procrastination. When you wasted your time on some inferior act, you would definitely have postponed another activity. I'll do it tomorrow might have been your motto, but tomorrow never would have come. 

What gain did the hours spent scrolling down your social media pages gave you? Or how much time have you spent browsing for offers in online shopping sites?

There is no point in crying about your past. It's time to Leave your past and live in the present. A few minutes of thought can make your future a lot brighter. 

Think about how much more time you would get to be with your loved ones, once you put a full stop to your time leeches. 

Now that you have got the hang of it, focus on what it means to you. If you have got something better to do which you have been procrastinating, give it a second thought. Let no app or website control you. Show them who is the master.

It's time to close the unwanted websites, it's time to get up from the lousy couch. It's time to run out, to take in a full breath of fresh air. It's time to hold your loved ones a bit closer.

Your actions will impact not only your future but also those of the next generation who grow up watching you. Let your life motivate them to live a more meaningful life. Teach them not to waste time on things they would later regret. Remind them that their clocks have already started running with no clues about when they would stop. Do not let them find out in their last days that everything they had done meant nothing.

There is no need to worry and you have got what it takes to mend your ways. Now is the right time to start. Focus on what you are doing and do it with utmost love and sincerity. Unplug your devices more often, and change from a robotic to an organic life

Go on and live your life meaningfully every second at a time.


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