The art of creative writing...

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The art of creative writing...

If you are a writing enthusiasts, I believe you would be a bibliophile too, the depth in your articles surface out through the emotions or the journey you go through as a part of a personal experience or  while having a strong connections with the characters of a book.

When it comes to creative writing, it's not just the long paragraphs that you write..they may actually seem dull at times, the word 'creative' in itself state the art forms where you are expected to unleash your thoughts and expressions.

Here are a few tips by which you can enhance your creative writing skills.

1. Don't just go for long paragraphs.

Writing long paragraphs can result out to be boring sometimes and unengaging the audience. They may seem dull and monotonous at times. Fill your paragraphs with indentations and grammatical tools to highlight the things or statements you want to emphasize upon.

2. Experiment.

Experiment with your writing forms. Don't just potray out essays, go for letter writing, journal writing, nanotale inclusions and lot more other things.

Experimenting with your articles provides you ample of space to manipulate with the settings, backdrop and the central idea. You may go for various writing formats and expressions and present them in a more creative way.

3. Connect with the readers.

No matter how rich your vocabulary may be, keep your words simple and understandable such that even a novice can relate and is engaged in. Keeping a high vocabulary sometimes makes the readers puzzled or loose interest for not everyone has the habit of peeping in a dictionary again and again.

4. Maintain the flow.

While you potray out descriptions, ensure that you maintain the flow in your writup. The presentation of the chronology of the events play a great role. A structured article with planned paragraphs always pays. Haphazard arrangement of the events leads to loss of interest as the reader may not be able to connect the previous or current even. 

To master the art of creative writing, practice is required which comes through reading ( regularly) and writing. Reading here does not pertain to reading excellent novels, it may just be a magazine or a newspaper article however sometimes quality reading is required. It doesn't matter what you write, how you write, the expression should have enough capacity to hold the readers until end.

Creative writing is merely a deep expression of your thoughts, you visuals, the way you see the world, your perception, make it as vivid as possible and let the readers form that connection with your writings.

Well, on a personal note, I believe writing express each one of you, it is an expression of your thoughts or imaginations or fantasies or dreams, whatever it may be.....don't just let it be manipulated by any source. Have the confidence in your presentation, after all you are the creator of your creative piece.

Happy writing:)


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