The Art of Storytelling and Its Importance in Everyday Life

Tripti Chouhan
Tripti Chouhan
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The Art of Storytelling and Its Importance in Everyday Life

The Art of Storytelling and Its Importance in Everyday Life

The art of storytelling is so underrated. Yet, it is one of the driving forces in many things we do in life. For instance, when you decide to buy something after seeing an ad, which part of it do you think inspired you? More often than not, it’s the story, idea or theme behind it that connects with you.

If you look closely, the best writers are good storytellers. The best speakers are great storytellers. Who wants to listen to someone drone on and on without any interesting anecdote? Well, unless you are paid for listening to someone, you probably zone-out within few minutes of the lecture.

You will find many examples from your day to day life where storytelling had a great impact on you.

Let’s explore the different scenarios where storytelling has been a great tool of communication:

  1. Best Speakers Are Good Storytellers

Have you noticed that the best speakers whether they are politicians or lecturers, or the TED speakers are great storytellers?

TED Talks are very popular. It brings together influential world leaders on a platform where they share their stories to inspire people on various subjects ranging from education, tech, and business to science and creativity. One of the common factors about the speakers on TED Talks is that they have great stories to tell. From their biggest failure to their biggest success, it’s their art of storytelling that keeps the audience captivated. If it wasn’t for the great storytelling, the audience would probably never come back. Who wants to listen to a boring sermon for an hour? Storytelling makes things interesting.

  1. The Best Advertisement are Great Stories

One of the practical examples of how storytelling is so influential in your life is the Ads. Which ads do you remember the most? Yes, the one where they tell a story. The funny and the most emotional stories are the ones that most people remember.  That is why advertisers in India use the celebratory occasions like Diwali to convince people they need stuff to make important people in their life happy this festive season.

  1. The Best Writers Are Excellent Storytellers

Anyone can be a writer. All you need is a decent grammar and way with the words. The thing is not everyone would want to read what you write. People like to read and hear stories, even if they are about war in the Middle East. Remember when you were taught to write essays and stories in school. Which task did you enjoy better? Most of the people would say stories. No one wants to hear essays. Even the news stories are interesting when the narrative is strong and makes a connection with the readers.

  1. The Best Leaders Are Excellent Storytellers

If you look at some of the famous leaders of the world, you will notice that they have the knack of connecting with people. What makes them connect? What is so special about them? That’s right, they are great storytellers. They can captivate the audience with tit-bits about incidents that turns out to be a great inspiration for the audiences. From Bill Gates to Dalai Lama, they inspire people with stories that connect with people on various levels.  

  1. The Best Teachers  Are Good Storytellers

Have you wondered why you like certain teacher better than the others? They could be anyone from your school, from your art school, coaching institute, or any teacher. Good teachers know how to keep the class inspired. They know how they can teach the students without making the lesson a mundane task. It’s not just the kids who like stories. Everyone loves a great story. Every scientific discovery has an interesting story behind it. When it’s told like a story, it does make a connection with the listeners – the students.

  1.  Parents Need to be Good Storytellers

Come to think of it even good parenting needs the art of good storytelling. Instead of scolding the kids for any mischief they have done, you can try telling them a story of how bad deeds bring bad consequences. Kids love stories. Apart from bedtime story reading you do for the children , it is important as a parent to tell them inspirational stories from your own childhood and life. The idea behind the storytelling is that it is one of the best ways to communicate with anyone. 

Tell a Story

There you have it. These are some of the examples of how storytelling does have a influence in our day to day life. Whether you are listening to a podcast or your boss in the meeting room, if it’s a good story you are going to stay with it till the end.





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