The Best Payroll Software: List, Features and Benefits

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The Best Payroll Software: List, Features and Benefits

An affluent ‘Payroll Software’ is what every small, medium and large companies need when it comes to managing the employees’ database and dispersing the salaries to the employees based on their incentives (working days, bonuses, overtime) or deductions (leaves, PF, ESI, TDS, etc).

Payroll software is no doubt a relief for the HR Department of any company as all the aspects of employee management are unleashed by one single utility available (Payroll Software).

Today’s competitive market is entirely based on speed + accuracy and everyone here knows that a little investment in wise deals will yearn huge profit in the near future. For companies investing in their payroll management, In-house Payroll Software is the best rather than outsourcing the task of hiring an entirely different team for only Payroll Management.

Payroll Software - Benefits to a Business

Whether the company is small/medium/large or is engaged in service or manufacturing business, an efficient Payroll Management Software is an indispensable need for any company that involves an employee workforce. Not only this, the Payroll is responsible for handling the TDS related compliances on behalf of the respective company.

Talking about the employee strength of a firm, a small enterprise is much benefitted with the features of a Payroll Software as compared to giant businesses, this is so because their employee strength is limited and they have a wide arena to choose within the best Gen Payroll Software For Small Business. If any company is relatively very small and is not having a separate HR department then a Payroll Software alone is enough for the management to make small salary accountings.

An efficient Payroll Software brings in immense convenience to business and here is a list of benefits a company can enjoy by hiring an efficient Payroll Software:

Accuracy - May it be salaried calculations, incentives or deductions a Payroll Software makes huge calculations accurately in minutes. Manually it is not possible.

Enhanced Productivity - Attendance, salary distribution, deduction, employee database, etc is managed by payroll software which means a company has enough time for other segments.

Zero Error - No room for errors if a computerized utility is at work. There are possibilities of errors in calculation or entries if made manually.

Speed - Time consumption by such a utility is less. Payroll software has the caliber to make huge calculations within minutes and give you accurate results.

Tax Calculations - A payroll software effectively helps you with TDS calculations on salaries.

Preserving Huge Data - Employee data is secure with a Payroll Software. The information of any registered employee can be archived within minutes if needed.

Transparency - There is complete transparency between the employee and management related to leaves, deductions, expenditures, overtime, incentives and so on.

Best Payroll Software Companies Can Opt For

When it comes to opting for the best Payroll Software, employee strength is the deciding factor for any company. Apart from that, the software’s competency, features, market reviews, etc. are looked upon.

Here is the list of some renowned Payroll Software that will give a small firms unbeatable and super convenient payroll experiences:

  • Staff
  • Xero
  • Intuit Payroll
  • Gen Payroll Software
  • Zoho Books
  • Paychex
  • OnPay
  • Insperity
  • Paycor
  • Paycom

 Features of An Efficient Payroll Software

  • Within The Country - The Payroll Software is designed to work in-line with the protocols of the government in terms of tax calculations.
  • Self-Serve - Employees can view their data like basic information, leaves, punch-in and punch-out time, overtime, etc on the software which enhances their trust in management.
  • Attendance Marking - Employee’s attendance could be marked and also the hours spent in the office could be tracked by the software. Leaves could also be entered. Computing the attendance, time and leaves salary is calculated within minutes by the software.
  • Tax Deduction - The advanced version of the software helps with calculating and deducting the TDS and even gives us the knowledge of the tax-saving investment.

Recently, every company wants to secure and save employees data for small business and in this same case you can find the most important tool of Gen Payroll Software for your small business that helps with employee's attendance could be marked and also the hours spent in the office could be tracked by the software. Check the free demo trial version of Gen Payroll Software.

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