The Big Indian Fat Weddings

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Ram Dhiraj
Ram Dhiraj
Dec 24 , 2018 8 min read 3122 Views Likes 0 Comments
The Big Indian Fat Weddings

Indian society is obsessed with this idea of the BIG INDIAN FAT WEDDINGS. It is not unusual to find several families following this trend of putting lakhs of money for the weddings of their children. Some even go beyond their limits of affordability. No, I am not against this trend but I just want people to reflect on the fact that is it really worth?

Admittedly the occasion is really grand, really unique. Parents really don't want to leave any stone unturned to make the wedding as grand as possible. Even the couple wants to make this day the most memorable one. But is spending lakhs of money the only way to make it memorable?

According to me, it's really not. We have to find some other way so that there can be a transition from this culture to something more productive and useful. There are certain parents who really can't afford that much money and they have to sell their existing assets to arrange that much of amount. Many of them continuously save throughout their lives. Mothers spend heavily on making jewelry for their daughters. 

Most of the family do so just because of the fear of society. Don't you think to spend heavily for entertaining so many relatives and guests half of which you might not even be that close, is really not a good idea?

But what can be the alternative? Why not shift towards the idea of making Indian Marriages UNIQUE rather than GRAND? If you will sit and think about it plethora of ideas will come to your mind. For instance, you can organize a wedding wherein slums children can be invited to dinner. You can even enjoy your entire day with slum/orphanage children and make it really fun the way you want. Or you can also spend your day with poor families or people from old age home. You can take even more bold decisions like investing money in some children's education or treatment of people who are struggling in their lives or are striving to live rather than putting the same amount of money for just an eve. This is just some of my opinions if you will sit and think I can surely tell you that you will get even more noble and better ideas.

I respect everyone's opinion, if my view might have hurt anyone I am extremely sorry for that. I believe that each of us has a different perspective which should be respected.

I think that sometimes it is necessary that some long-lasting traditions should be broken so that there can be a dawn of a new era. Marriages are just not the way many of us see,  if you will see life from different goggles you may realize that there are so many other ways by which you can make this day unique and best in itself.



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