The Future is Unpredictable.

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The Future is Unpredictable.

Life Often Gives Experiences You Don’t Want. We are all dust and to dust, we shall all return. Fair enough and the bitter truth. Life and death,  these both are so close together, no one knows what next might be !! It’s living today, it’s done tomorrow. We are growing up, learning new things, exploring the world, enjoying with our friends, feeling inexperienced, but in the meantime didn’t you forget that your parents are growing old too? And, by parents, I don’t mean just your mom or dad, it includes everyone who takes care of you, might be your grandparent or other relatives. In this fast pace of competition, for money and for a job, we have forgotten the real importance to why are we struggling in this race . Give yourself few minutes and think “Why are you going through this pain? "  many of you will come up with the answer as “we want a happy, successful life", and yes!! It’s the truth. Now imagine your life after you have reached a successful phase of your life... Doesn’t the frame include your parents? It does, right? Now, ask yourself if that frame includes your parents and everyone because of whom you are there, why does this struggle phase doesn't include them? Why do you forget to ask for them during this phase? Will your being successful be of any value if these people aren’t around to celebrate with you? Life Requires You to Have a Break, It’s Not Always About Peak Performance.
I know this sounds a bit harsh, but that’s the truth, “Life and death, Situations and probability all are UNPREDICTABLE.”  As adults, many of us cut ourselves from the social gatherings or from the social world, but guys am really sorry to say but there will come a time when you’ll regret it all and am not sorry but you’ll hate that moment because in the race of earning for them you lost them. This write-up ain’t telling you to leave your work and sit with them the whole time but yes DO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES, you never know what the other moment holds. If not 4 days spend at least 1 day with them, and it should be just for them.

Don’t cut calls on a bad note, don’t say goodbye after a fight. Accept the truth guys that maybe that call can be the last call and the goodbye could be the last time you see them. Don’t make your ‘LASTS’ the most hurtful ones.

Do as you wish to but in the long lane don’t forget the people you are doing it for. Life Requires Money to Survive, But Acceptance and Belongingness Make the Ride Worthwhile.


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