The Most Popular eCommerce Website Design Trends For Your Business in 2020

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Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta
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The Most Popular eCommerce Website Design Trends For Your Business in 2020

The market is constantly updating itself with the new trends in every sector/industry and for going shoulder to shoulder with the current market trends businesses need to renovate their online as well as offline appearances.

The same law is applicable to all e-Commerce websites, responsiveness, latest features, functionality, products/services listed, user-friendliness, content, and deals are some of the prominent factors that allure a client to a business website. These things attract a client at the first site if he/she is looking at your e-Commerce website on the internet.

The aforesaid qualities in combination with the sophisticated design is a must if an e-commerce website wants to leave a positive mark on its clients, earn the sales and retain them (clients) forever.

One should understand the fact that a website design should be in line with the current culture, it should be as simple as possible and should be more of an informative platform than a fancy stage where products and services are unevenly exhibited.

Let’s take a sneak-peak into the latest website design trends currently prevailing in the market:

A responsive design - 

The entire dependency of the public on cell phones has made it vital for businesses to make their website highly responsive whether it’s a computer system or a smartphone. Some of the features that can judge a website are easy navigation, fast and simple check out process, multiple payment options. A responsive website cuts down the need to have an altogether new application for the phone. One can easily surf from the phone if the website is highly responsive.

Sophisticated color combinations - 

Opting for simple and pastel colors is a wise choice as it will not let the users hassle with finding the information they need but at the same time, you are at risk of losing that special essence from the appearance and the website might become boring. So here you need to be a little picky about the choice of colors.

3D Modelling - 

3D animation is rare but the most effective utilization of all. With the help of the option, you could display your product from various angles. Also list quality of being rare and innovative will let your website stand out of the crowd.

Unique Layout themes - 

One can infuse various innovative designs on the website to make it stand out of the crowd and gain a symbolic identity among the clients. But the plan might reverse if the design is way too chaotic. So choose wisely.

Very Less fancy - 

 Having an innovative layout, 3D modeling, content, pictures, and videos is altogether a separate domain but most of the online e-commerce platforms still choose to go with a very basic website background (flat design) without much Frills and decorations. The tabs should be easily accessible, easy navigation, more information less content and a lot more.

Text (Size and Fonts) -

Clear visibility of text is no doubt a vital quality of a website. Therefore the wrong choice of fonts or irrelative font size might bring big trouble for the e-Commerce website owners. The text on tabs, description of your product, deals, etc. should have a clear font. Once the client is satisfied with the pictures he/she lands up to the content for details.

Uploading of Pictures and Videos - 

This is the main essence of the current market, relevant photographs and videos (HD) can create magic for your website as they divert the clients more than written content. They are more interactive and are powerful in pulling the customer towards their products or services.


Users are the most impatient when it comes to surfing a website. The first look of the website surely attracts them and if the website is successful in catching the eyes of the user, he/she might end up being your client and further retaining them with the top-notch services is your job.

3D modeling, videos, pictures, innovative yet sophisticated designs, clear fonts, responsive on any device, sorted with product management, flat (non-shimmery) backgrounds are some of the features that are a must for an e-commerce website to flourish and progress. 

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