The Power of Visualization: Let's reveal the secret to achieve anything and everything you want!

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The Power of Visualization: Let's reveal the secret to achieve anything and everything you want!

Before we go forward, I want you to take a pause and imagine yourself into the situation where you have achieved what you want. Come on! Make a perfect picture of the scene. Include all the people who are supposed to be there. Involve all your senses. Feel that excitement, happiness and let that adrenaline rush in your body. Close your eyes. Visualize!....

Did you? What did you just feel? immense joy? yeah? 

If just by imagining yourself into the picture you could render yourself so much of peace and joy than just imagine what would that day be like when your dream will actually come true? 

Yes dear! It can and it will. Today I am going to tell you how you can give wings to your dreams and rise high in the sky.

Ever heard about the LAW OF ATTRACTION? hmm...Don't believe in it? Yes, I mean, how can you without toiling hard, just by sitting and thinking achieve anything, right? Yes, absolutely! But at the same time you might have come across people who work day and night...hard really hard..but are not able to achieve much and are seldom disheartened by watching some other people who though don't put as much of hours as they but are still able to achieve much more. Ever thought why does this happen?

Let me tell you a true story. There was a girl who had a migraine. Even a bit of exertion caused her severe pain. She could neither study properly nor pursue her passion. People use to make her realize every now and then that she is weak. Then there was this enlightenment. She refused to believe that she had any such disease. Every day after getting up and before going to bed, she used to make a picture in her mind that she is absolutely healthy. Instead of "I don't have a migraine." she repeatedly uttered, "I am healthy and fit from body and mind."  She sat and visualized herself putting more hours into the study, no requirement of medicines, dancing, playing as she wanted to be. Whenever someone reminded her of a Migraine she uttered: "Cancel, Cancel, Cancel" (three times!). After 6 months, Migraine vanished! no requirement of medicines, no pain, she was the way she visualized herself to be. Miracle!? No, Law of attraction! By the way, that 'she' was me!

You would get many such stories, indeed much more inspiring if you search. The point here is that our subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious. Heard that dialogue from the movie Om Shanti Om: "Agr kisi cheez ko puri shiddat se chaho to puri kayanat usse tumse milane ki sajish me lag jati hai". What we want, wants us, but we really need to want the same with a die-hard will, and that can come only when you are truly passionate about what you desire. For example, some of us want money, they die for more and more money, no matter how much they have, they have peers/family members who share the same ideology and they indeed get money, no matter whether they deserve it or not, whether it was through right means or not. What matters is that they do get it! On the other hand, there are many who though don't have much money but are satisfied, even with little they have they try to help others because that multiplies their joy. Why? Because this kind of people want satisfaction. Instead of money, they attract contentment.

Getting easier!?

Directly or indirectly, all your possessions, situations are a result of your own thought process. Take any random person (or yourself!). You won't be successful into many bids of yours because that's not what you have an intense longing for. When you are determined for something and constantly attract it towards yourself through continuous thinking, visual aids and actions, Nature does wonders! It makes your surrounding favorable. It makes you meet people that can help to accelerate the pace of your success. It creates the condition that reduces the distance between you and your destination. You get closer and closer, and sometimes when you reach there, you can describe your journey with no other word but MIRACLE.

Now, it's time to jump on the steps through which you can actually experience visualization creating a difference in your life.

1. Recognize your goal

Many a time we strive for things which our surroundings want from us, not we. Think, do you really want that for which you are toiling all day and night? Is it worthy of all the time and energy? Do you have that burning desire to achieve it or it is just a half-hearted attempt? If the answer is NO, then better not jump to the next steps.

2. Visualize every day and night

Get up and start your day with creating a picture in your mind and end it with the same. Visualize as if you have already achieved what you want in reality. Don't say, "I will achieve"...but "I have achieved...". Visualize the minute details. For example, if you want to crack a job interview, imagine that you have been selected, your family and friends are congratulating you, feel that joy. I bet, it is one of the best feelings!!

3. Visual aids will help a lot

Put pictures, notes etc. on the walls of your home, office, hostel etc., that constantly remind you of your goal. This will make you think about it again and again, in short, attract your goal towards you and consequently, all your actions will be oriented to achieve the same.

4. Think before you visualize

Most important! Next few lines will actually prove it! There was an old couple who was in desperate need of money. They used to think of getting Rs. 1 lakh in any possible way to suffice their need. Their only son used to work in an automobile factory. One day an unknown man came and gave the old couple the news that their son had been caught into the machine because of which he had died and as compensation, he gave them a sum of Rs. 1 lakh! Strange? I hope now you would always give a second thought!

So start today! Lay out the design of your future. Make the power of Visualization a weapon to create the destiny of your destiny!


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