The Price We Put On Beauty

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Yas Min
Yas Min
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The Price We Put On Beauty

We put a price on beauty and the price is quite staggering.

Everyone wants to look their best, and I say why ever not. There are a few issues that leave me reeling, however, and colour prejudice is one of them.  Whether we like it or not, colour has taken over our lives like crazy. A craving for white skin can be awarded to a host of reasons, where the mindsets itself need to be changed. Skin creams that change the colour of the skin have been around for years. Some people believe that these creams remove dark spots, and if this is true, I have no problem. What drives me up the wall, however, is when people are unfairly judged because they happen to sport a darker tone. What can I say except that perhaps it is time to spread the message that white is not always bright.

Body Shaming is an Unattractive Trait

Another pet peeve is being judgy about people who have an unkempt body shape. Body shaming someone because she is chubby is so cruel. Does a person need to be well-toned to be considered beautiful? Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder as the oft-used phrase, but how can you diss someone just because she is not the right size? Without going on a different tangent – does size really matter to ensure beauty? Imagine throwing a person under the bus because she is fat? Please note that losing weight is a great way to be healthy, but I write about presuming that someone is beautiful just because she is well toned. Some women and girls are really cute when they tip the scales!

A Smile is the Best Curve

The next peeve is when a person is ridiculed because of incorrect teeth. I met this girl sometime back who had buckteeth. Before I go on with my opinionated view, let me tell you that is she is a beauty. Her teeth do not define her. Unfortunately, her classmates make fun of her and because of her economic situation, she cannot deal with the problem. How does it matter if one has crooked teeth, no teeth or rotten teeth? Guess this is the price that we put on beauty. Since beauty is not cheap, not many of us make the cut, we are left ridiculed and ousted from social gatherings. I suppose this is an ongoing process that may not be nipped in the bud soon.

Beauty Has a Price – It is Called Wealth

Okay so now that I have covered a few bases, I have realized over time that a sizeable bank balance can make us look beautiful to people after all, perceptions change once a person has a larger purse. The individual may be termed beautiful because she drives a swanky car, dons the best clothes, is ‘fair’ (how I don’t know), has veneered teeth – the story goes on. We can correct our teeth, use the right brands of makeup, erase fine lines and negative imagery on the visage, eliminate the flab, don the best clothes, and all that. But does that really matter, or does it?

Changing the Mindset

Therefore, what is the definition of beauty? Does it involve a toned set of abs, branded clothes, alabaster skin, good teeth, and a sizeable bank balance, I am confused. I write here, with the hope that we cut through the crap, stop sitting on the fence and say it like it is – none of us is ugly – we all make the cut. We should not be defined by negative stereotypes that cause us to formulate opinions that make others feel down and out. What do you think?


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