The snake and the snake charmer - Narendra Modi 's Oratory skill

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The snake and the snake charmer - Narendra Modi 's Oratory skill

 No man can step into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and it is not the same man”, declared Heraclitus. Narendra Modi’s situation is the same. He will be foolish to repeat his old strategy of letting his tongue out like a snake while simultaneously be a snake charmer with his umpteen promises and lies and grandiloquent ideas.

Narendra Modi’s oratory skills fetched high returns winning elections by the dozen. After four years of poor Governance and a bad state of economy, his big promises and grand ideas are today turning into a serpent, which is slowly coiling around him and in time will softly begin crushing his bones. No leader should be in the shoes that Modi is wearing. It is not just the content in his speech alone but the tone and tenor, of elephantine lies and half- truths,   the brutal hand gestures and unkind laughter at opponents which are all going to crush him like the serpent that coils around him, softly squeezing the life out of his ability to lie and to make believe and to mislead the nation.

The bewildering aspect of Modi’s skills in Oration is that he is both the snake and the snake charmer as well. The snake characteristics he has earned during his childhood and growing up years in a RSS shakha. The school that teaches how to hate and show anger for those who do not profess commitment to Hindutva ideology, the ideology which is based on fear and hypocrisy believes enemies may destroy Hinduism because it is the world’s minority religion. The school teaches how to avenge shame and submission to foreign invasions which happened in the ancient past when there was Hindustan, a land with hundreds of big and small kingdoms, usually believed to be run by Hindu Kings even as evidences show that there were Buddhists and others ruling. The students in RSS Shakhas are indoctrinated in hate for Muslims because Mughals had invaded Hindustan, looted, converted people and made them slaves. We are not saying that none of it may be true but it definitely is not as magnified and manifested in the RSS text book of hate. What do you expect an invader to do anyway! The next important subject they master is in Manuvad which teaches the students who are all male that women‘s place is in the kitchen and in giving birth. The other significant topic is complete adherence to Caste rules which makes shudras the slave class, who do all the work that is manual while the Kshatriyas fight and Vaishyas trade and market and of course in the top with brains to think and manipulate , the Brahmins.

The snake charmer is again Modi, the Opportunist , who woos himself with his astounding rhetoric into the political and corporate basket of opportunities from where he can use his educational degree from the Shakha University in the study of hate to acquire and stabilize political power. He uses enchanting music in his Oration to entice and enrapture himself without realizing that people are watching and listening. After four years they realize they are not in the picture that Modi envisages in his dream mind. He is a snake charmer enticing himself the snake, the opportunist into the political/ corporate basket of opportunities. He deliberately misinterprets history, mixes and mashes dates and heroes to suit his agenda of hate and suspicion and planting it amongst people. In the end it will not be far- fetched to say that Modi’s gifted tongue has turned into a serpent because of his lies and half- truths, which in turn are coiling around him like the serpent and slowly and softly crushing his bones on the eve of the coming elections. It isn’t that a cat caught hold of his tongue but a snake he gave birth to with his lies and half- truths. My advice to Modi is a line from Cicero,” Any man can make mistakes but only an idiot persists in his error”.  I believe Modi has exhausted his ammo, what and when is the new supply arriving, his detractors have no idea.