The Unspoken language

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The Unspoken language

Sure you must have heard this before and it’s no surprise that here we are talking about the body language, but do you know how it actually works?

Let me give you a glimpse.

Close your eyes and go back to the early hours of your office. You have reached your office at 10 AM and have just settled in your chair comfortably. In between you sipping your coffee and switching-on your system, you notice a group of freshers walking-in the office, probably for an interview, and the different responses and morning greetings they exchange. There's a wide range of responses based from person to person. In some cases, not many people would notice when they pass-by or even if somebody does, it will just be a timid one.

For others, when they walk-in the whole ambiance of the office gets lifted. They greet each person their eyes catch with a welcoming smile. There's something about their aura that's so charming that it moves everyone (even though they are neither the head of their department nor their boss).

This is the difference that is created by body language and how they carry themselves.

Here are five unique tips for leaving an unforgettable impression:

  • Feel good about yourself- This is the first and most important point since once you start to feel good about yourself from the inside, it will automatically start reflecting on the outside and vice-versa.
  • Walk with confidence- Carry yourself confidently, be the person you would like to meet and greet.
  • Exhibit positive and open body language- Someone with an open body language is relaxed no matter if they are sitting or standing. This signifies that they are comfortable with their surroundings.
  • Practice appropriate eye contact and smile- Appropriate eye contact is an underrated art of communication, if carried on efficiently, it will only help you network and bond more effectively. A word of caution: Overdoing eye contact or faking a smile can rub people off the wrong way and are thus a big no-no.
  • Dress for confidence- It is no secret that when looking good you feel good. Looking good doesn’t mean you have to present yourself in a suit for all the meetings. Rather, you should make the choice of dress such that it is occasion appropriate, makes you feel comfortable and confident to take over the world!
  • Be warm and welcoming- A simple and powerful tip i.e. to be warm and welcoming. This will make people see you as a safe, cordial and approachable person and they will naturally be more open to strike a conversation with you and connect.

Thanks for being with me so far and hope you will find these tips useful. Also, would love to hear and discuss your thoughts, experiences, and opinions on Opined. Please do share.

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