The world would be a better place if we empowered women more

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Oct 22 , 2018 7 min read 2343 Views Likes 2 Comments
The world would be a better place if we empowered women more

As a businessman who has worked in the US, UK and India I have consistently maintained that women are better for our planer than men. This means that they make for better businesspeople, neighbours and friends. Men, on the other hand, do better at sports and war. Neither are vital to the evolution as a race.

Perhaps it is that nature equips women to be mothers and therefore gives them tools that us guys sorely lack. Perhaps they are not so hung up on ego and able to think more inclusively. In any event, we men have done a fine job of destroying our environment, depleting our natural resources and bringing the world to the brink of a World War from which there are no winners.

It's time our civilization (if that is what we want to call it) awoke to its true promise. We must learn to live in harmony with each other and nature the first mother that cradles even our mothers.

In countries like India, especially in rural areas, women are seen as a liability. An expense to marry off, a temporary member of the family who will be seen depart to serve her husband and his relatives. This antediluvian approach to gender has required the government to ban sex determination tests such as ultrasound. This because people in their misguided quest for sons have been aborting fetuses of female offspring.

Women worldwide outnumber men because they on average live at least five years longer. But some states in India like the state of Haryana have only 970 women for every 1,000 men. This because women are in these regions less cared for and prior to birth sometimes female fetuses are terminated to save the family what they misguidedly consider a future burden.

Yes, it's high time we stopped this nonsense. State governments in India and in many countries all over the world do give lip service to gender equality, but social attitudes are regrettably slow to change.

You can take a step towards gender equality today in several ways. Begin if you will by liking this article and sharing it with people who can be open to reason. Let's be more sensitive to the needs of our mothers and sisters. In many countries, women already outnumber men at university but pay gaps to persist and women have much progress that awaits them. 

Let's you and I do our part in righting these historical wrongs and doing our part to make our communities better and more inclusive.


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