Things about FaceApp

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Things about FaceApp

Despite privacy concerns, this app has taken social media by storm. People are very keen to know how will they appear at the threshold of death, or some have the curiosity to see themselves as of other gender and so on.

Keeping privacy issues apart, which I think won't matter much to common people, let's talk about the genuineness of this app. This app was launched in 2017 and just like those thousand photo changer and beauty apps, it was also dusting in the app stores. But, this week, surprisingly, face app spread like an epidemic reaching 100 million downloads in just a short time period. Precisely, either there is an agenda run by developers or it happened itself(fate turn) that celebrities came in influence of this application, and seeing this a major portion of social media users get attached to it. 

Talking about the most appreciated feature of this app; old age predicator. This feature is misunderstood as something which tells us how we would look at our old age, but it isn't even 50 per cent prediction of how we would actually look. However, they have boasted the involvement of artificial intelligence in predicting age but I think their AI isn't much intelligent to predict anyone's facial structure after three or four decades.  Let me explain. They have very pathetically worked on hair loss pattern (just rooting out hair from temple area) and in some cases, they have maintained complete hair count. In reality, more than half of the men population will be partially bald at the age of seventy or at least would turn grey. This way, I must say that women would somewhere justify their AI as they don't lose hair. After this, I would talk about hair colour. As you can see in the picture above, Amitab Bachchan's hair colour is still very black and hair count is also very dense but in reality, it has turned some thin and greyish The next thing is wrinkle count, as you can look at your own picture and see how many wrinkles this app gives you. Wrinkles is a process of ageing, but you just can't predict when you will attain the wrinkle phase, for some it could be at the age of fifty and for some not even at seventy. So I think you will not look like what this app shows you in old age, not even half of it. Trust me, things will be different. 

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