This Pune man who saved a kid set an inspiration for all!

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This Pune man who saved a kid set an inspiration for all!

Every now and then we see small children being used for gaining more sympathy by the elders on the streets. Many people are not aware of the fact that, these children which these beggars employ to attract the people may not be theirs and they might be using these innocent lives forcefully. Such kind of acts can also be related to child traffickers and child lifters.

There is one class of people who neglect their surroundings and very rarely they give heed to whatever is happening around them and then there is another kind of people like Prashant Kanojia, a social activist in Pune who was not swayed away the act of trying to steal sympathy but was rather concentrated on knowing the truth behind.

On seeing a woman on the street along with a child with a bottle of milk in his mouth, Prashant enquired what was the name of the baby, hearing to which the woman ran away. This was when the suspicion aroused in Prashant’s mind. He cleverly made use of social media and spread the photograph of this lady along with the child which went viral. Sometime later someone informed him that he had spotted that lady.

Prashant went there with his team and caught the lady red-handed. After his post on Facebook, the woman was tracked down by the policeman and was later booked under the Prevention of begging act by the police. It turned out that the child was not his but of his brother who didn’t have any problem for using him for begging.

Prashant decided to take this endeavour forward. He made a WhatsApp group where he would circulate similar pictures to track such beggars and also notify the same to the police.

People like Prashant are really a role model for many. He didn’t do anything which was too costly or difficult just a small step. In today’s era where social media is being used so much for spreading fake news and hatred, people like Prashant who are employing it for such a noble purpose are setting an example for all. By just doing things in our control sometimes a little action of ours can save a precious life and contribute to stopping the injustice in this world to make society a better and humble place and save the world. 

Thus we all should learn from this hero of Pune and replicate the same at our own levels to bring a revolution throughout the country.


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