Time and Tide Wait For None

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Time and Tide Wait For None

It is rightly said ' Time and Tide waits for none'. Each second that passes by can bring new possibilities or push us back. It depends on the fact that who owns whom if you can manage your time you own time and will have a whole new world to explore within the time between the day you completed the task and the deadline. If you are not a good time manager Time would own you and you would have to go with the flow or drown in the flow.

We have all heard that ' Time is money' and that phrase is essentially true. Unfortunately,time doesn't always equals money as time is continuously passing but we can't make money with each passing second but optimal use of time gives us its fruit in form of money,knowledge,stress free hours and a lot. Everyone lives on planet Earth and has the same number of hours per day that is 24 . It depends on us how we interpret the time. A poor time manager will take 24 hours as less time to complete the task he has for the day but a person who is a good time manager will take it as 1440 minutes​ or 86,500 seconds. He will interpret it to be more than enough to work on his present tasks as well as have time for tomorrow's​ planning. If we know we have time in hand  we will be able to focus on the tasks which we are doing at present. A good time manager is also embedded with good decision making skills. If somehow he is running out of time he needs to make quick decisions. When we control time efficiently​ we are able to take out time to interact with friends,gain experience,relax ourselves etc. Main reasons of stress in today's kids and adults is that "They have so much to do and so little time to complete it". After saying these lines we start blaming everyone responsible for our distractions​. Do you know the time we blame them can be used to prepare a     to-do list for the next day.

Now we just talked that we should do time management ,they are one of the constituents of the stepping stones of our life. Now lets discuss how can we do time management better than others. Firstly we need a good to-do list reminder like a good mother or a smartphone can help us in remembering all the small goals  of the day and as we know a single screw can drown a ship  or make it it work it depends on how it was made,same is the case with our life. The number​ of screws we put each day we come closer towards our ship. Second skill for time management is removal of all physical and mental distractions​. Physical distraction is T.V ,we won't die of we miss one episode of our favourite show. Mental distraction is like tommorow is deadline and we have to face our tyrant boss as we have not completed the task. At this time you need to be calm and think that how you plan the upcoming hours in such a way that every minute​ contributes to your task. Like you can do the presentation work and then take a break and then can research further about your task. So now you know one of the ingredients you need to put in the mixture to form stepping stones of successful life.


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