Tom Cruise proves why he's a star with millions of fans 

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Tom Cruise proves why he's a star with millions of fans 

People who watch American movies will definitely know who Tom Cruise is and about the Mission Impossible movie franchise. Since the first release fans eagerly await the next and now Mission: Impossible 7 is on the way. But, 2020 saw Covid taking over the world and literally locking down the entire world.

There was chaos, blame, rage, fear, worry, sadness empowering our daily lives. Rather than think about what's in store for the future, people began worrying whether they will survive today and live to see tomorrow.

At these times any neglect from any side is totally unacceptable. I remember I read in a daily newspaper that a newborn baby and mother got infected with Covid-19 because the bed they were given was previously used by a Covid-19 positive patient.

The cleaning staff forgot to sanitize the bed. Now honestly, is it justified to say I forgot to sanitize a Covid-19 positive bed. Is that how you should work and in this way the entire medical fraternity gets shamed.

OK, so what's this got to do with Tom Cruise. Well, if you remember last year in December a recording emerged of Tom Cruise. The recording has Tom shouting at the staff on the sets and threatening to fire them if they broke the Covid-19 guidelines.

The expletive-laden audio was even published in The Sun in which Cruise told they'd (the staff) be gone if caught doing it again.

According to the paper Cruise saw two crew members standing too close together in front of a computer.

Reuters and Variety confirmed the audio was genuine.

Last year in February, the shooting of the seventh movie was put on hold due to coronavirus outbreak concerns, and The Sun report said Tom Cruise put in personal efforts to ensure no more delays would take place.

And, when finally shooting began Tom had given strict guidelines to the staff, crew and cast for corona measures. From wearing masks, using sanitizer, cleaning hands frequently, sanitizing the area and everything and most of all -- maintaining a social distance.

But, during shooting Tom saw two crew members break the big rule - social distancing. In the recording you can hear Tom say everyone back in Hollywood is making movies right now because we are making here. We are creating thousands of jobs.

He said no apologies and if you want to apologize, then tell it to the people who are losing their homes because our film industry is shut down.

He sternly told the entire crew and everyone there, he's not shutting the shooting. And, if he sees this again, the responsible are gone.

Obviously the audio spread like a forest fire.

Though the media is good at boiling things more than it should and made Tom sound like the rich celeb throwing his tantrum for no reason but there is a very big reason for his shouting.

And, thankfully the sensible ones came forward. Nick Murphy, director of A Christmas Carol for BBC TV and Save Me for Sky Atlantic, praised saying Tom was right.

US radio host John Rocha said he wished more people who were in charge would react like this with people who violate the protocols by not wearing masks. He also said people should see the bigger picture Tom is highlighting here (others are homeless because of few like you who can't follow simple rules to make corona history).

Dennis Tseng from movie site Collider also agrees Tom is not wrong. He even said Tom needs to come back to America and yell at every single anti-masker here as well.

Tom Cruise gives signed shorts for football club

Recently, Tom Cruise gave his sign on some Woburn & Wavendon Football Club member shirts.

Actually, Tom Cruise came to aid the grassroots football club who got left out of the pocket due to the pandemic.

The story

The football club Woburn & Wavendon felt disappointed when they got booted off the Bedfordshire sports ground for the Mission: Impossible 7 crew.

But the disappointment soon vanished into thin air as Hollywood legend Tom Cruise gave his sign on a clutch of the club's own shirts.

These shirts will now be part of the team's £12,000 crowdfunding campaign and the money raised by this campaign will be utilized towards the club's various community initiatives.

Chairman Robert Hill said it was frustrating for the boys to not be able to use the pitches as the shooting was going on and they just wanted to get back to playing ball.

That's why the club decided to contact the production company and ask them to do whatever to help and also asked if some shirts could get autographs of Tom.

He added, everyone is delighted with the gesture after getting confirmation from the company that the Top Gun star Tom Cruise will sign the shirts.

It's not about shouting or signing some shirts. It's about the worry that Tom Cruise has for the people around him, the ones he associates with and works with.

It's about the fact- few simple steps can be lifesavers in this corona pandemic era.

Rather than jumping to one sided views, look into the deeper meaning of things. It's a crucial time that needs crucial measures and that's only possible if everyone co-operates. 


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