Top 5 Trending Rakhis this Raksha Bandhan Season.

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Top 5 Trending Rakhis this Raksha Bandhan Season.

We are once again in the celebration zone of the utterly pious bond of brothers and sisters!! The whole India is cautiously getting itself ready to take a leap forward in the direction of making the most admirable endeavour in direction of a life filled with positivity. The fact can never be negated that Raksha Bandhan is the festival that idolizes the relentless love and devotion of a brother and his sister. It venerates the pure love of siblings who have always upheld each other in unfavorable times. All over the country siblings are noticed every year obsessed with buying of the best Rakhi gifts for each other.

The traditional as well as modern marketplaces, which are deeply engrossed in opulence and fanfare of colorful Rakhis and Rakhi gifts, exhibit the true value of the celebration and add to the gala moment. The affluent and lavish rakhi bazaar continue to augment the exhilaration of Raksha Bandhan with every passing day. All over the country the sisters become well-occupied with the task of shopping for Rakhis and attractive gift hampers to send to their brothers. While in some traditional folks, you will still find women collectively sitting for ‘DIY Rakhi’ proceedings, carefully making each and every Rakhi by themselves, others are keen to find the most appealing Rakhis of different varieties and designs in these well-abounding Rakhi Bazaar.

Another preparation for the Rakhi celebration is the search for the best Rakhi gift to surprise every brother or sister. Rakhi gift is basically the token of love for every brother and sister to gift each other and express heartily feelings of love with it. Thus the Rakhi gift that one plans to gift and surprise his or brother or sister with needs to be something special and loving. And to cater everyone's need for the perfect and most cheerful Rakhi gifts, markets, shopping areas, gift shops and online gift selling portals get filled with variety of attractive Rakhi gifts like Soft toys, Chocolate Combos, Jewelery, Rakhi with Sweets, Rakhi with Dryfruits, Good Luck Gifts, Rakhi with Pooja Thali, Handbags, Rakhi with Chocolates, Rakhi with Greeting Cards, Rakhi Gifts Hamper, Rakhi with Cake, Rakhi with Fruits, Rakhi with Flowers and much more such gift options.

So here are the 7 types of rakhis you should look out for:

1.Lumba Rakhi

Bhabhi is more like a friend and the kind of bond that you two share together is incredible. You can share everything with her, no matter what! So, Raksha Bandhan cannot just be about brothers, when you have a Bhabhi. Lumba Rakhi is meant to make them feel special by tying on their wrists. These Rakhis are available in different designs and shapes, and one can choose them as per one's likings.

2.Pearl Rakhi

Pearls hold everlasting beauty! No one can deny on their love for pearls and so will a brother wearing such Rakhi. A pearl Rakhi is designed beautifully with different types of pearls with embellishments of stones, beads and other things.

3. Kids Rakhi

Kids Rakhi is designed with different cartoon characters including Doremon, Shin Chan, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and many more. It's perfect for those sisters who have a cute little brother! It's going to be the most perfect gift for the little one. He will love wearing the one designed with his favorite cartoon character.

4. Handcrafted Rakhi

Handcrafted gifts are considered the best thing – because, they convey the purest feelings of one's heart. And, similarly, a handcrafted Rakhi will definitely make any brother feel delighted, and that is because he then understands the emotions and love wrapped into it, and the effort put in, for designing the Rakhi.

5. Bracelet Rakhi

This one is for those brothers who love styling up with bracelets! These Rakhis are designed in bracelet style with beads, stones and pearls. Brothers can wear these kinds of Rakhis even after the festival is over.

These are some of the best Rakhi categories that sisters can look for, to make their brothers feel special and loved. Apart from this, there are many more categories that can easily be looked for, on different online stores. This Raksha Bandhan, make the right selection for a Rakhi to show far-flung brothers that they are the precious gems of their sisters life, and that fact will never change, no matter what.




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