Torments of Education!!!

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Torments of Education!!!

Today, I am penning my school of thought on the inclining of suicidal cases. Especially, the majority of students are ending their lives only due to the failure of examination which is a hot potato in society. According to the world health organization, India ranks third amongst Lesotho and Korea in suicidal cases.

I would like to present a story where you will understand my perspective in a better way. Here it is,

A boy recites from a poor family, belongs to the village, living hand to mouth but somehow his parents arranged capital to make him educated as he was much intelligent. A lad moved to the city for higher education in college, he opted for Mass communication as he was fond of writing. Moreover, his desires and hope for writing were determined. Also, he started a part-time job for surviving. Apprehensively, after a few days of classes, he was insulted by few mates because of dress sense. Even though, he was neglected by teachers. Now, this is not an appropriate act.

You will be amazed to know that he helped his classmates in studies those abused him. Aftermath, once in a test he wrote an amazing piece on “cybercrime” but rejected by teachers and she called his work “ not worth” though she did not even read his article thoroughly whereas his friends scored well as they gloated over him indeed. What impact she is living on a poor boy??? Eventually, he just got passed in all exams except one which is writing. Uncertainly, when he got failed, his parents called him back to lend a hand with his father.

He never chose to go back. He kept his priority straight and he faced every hassle of life gently and finally he cleared the writing paper in the end. Right after his graduation, he cracked the interview and got a job in a magazine. Now he is an editor and writer as well.

Imagine his circumstances once then...????

A boy felt harassed and defamed in college. Besides, he suffered to death when students and teachers judged him already to call “Rustic”. More, he avoided addressing his whereabouts He was discouraged in all ways, instead he stood for himself after facing all the social hassle. When you have your passion and desires then go after that rather than thinking unvalued. He did not give his life in return as he knows he is precious enough.

Pining my point of view, parents should not pressurize their child to study as it can depress them mentally. More, teachers should not be biased with their students because School and college is only the platform from where they take their true selves ahead. The teachers like "these" should be punished. Besides, every educational institute must have a psychologist to undo children issues and also check on every teacher behavior towards students

Do not commit suicide and weak you for little creepy as life is long ahead. you are the future of your family and yourself. Now, the ball’s in your court whether to kill yourself or live yourself !!!


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