True happiness is in giving !!!

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True happiness is in giving !!!

You might have a bank account of thousands of money in it, a bungalow with many rooms, cars, bikes and what not all. All these materialistic things when deeply seen are just short-time joys, for the real happiness lies only when you share and give to others. The fact is for giving it to others you necessarily don't need to be rich. Giving is not always materialistic. Have you ever felt that solace you got after you helped your friend with those sports shoes he needed for his football match? Surely in his happiness would have lied your happiness. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others", many great leaders believe in the idea of giving and sharing. Mother Teresa has also been a great example when we talk about giving it to others. She spent her life for the sake of others. 

We spent thousands of rupees while we throw a party for our friends on our birthday, but have you ever noticed that poor kid starving of food on the roadside? A small piece of cake can bring him enjoyment and the smile he gives you will be enough to lighten your birthday. What can be bigger than having to bring a smile to someone else's pains?

People will remember you till the time you are lying on your death bed. You'll leave your impressions on their minds. Nothing other but your art of giving will make you believe how worthy your life was. A selfish person is disliked by all. We are taught at an early age that sharing is caring. Maybe you have an important work to do but when you spend time with a friend you met after a long time it will bring happiness to both of you, and at that instance giving a small amount of your time to him will mean you no loss. When you give to others you build yourself a little more. You inculcate within you a habit which helps the growth of inner-self.

So the next time you go out for a road trip with your friends and see a lad by the roadside, offer him the food you have. When you go out on a night walk, offer the beggars a warm blanket. The next time you see little kids in the evening, play with them. Sing along with them, give your time to them. I can assure you at the end what you give will go round and come back to you or I must say the happiness you give others will come back to you as a present.



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