Trust is the first step to love

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Trust is the first step to love

A common experience for maybe all of us that TRUST isn’t something built in a day, a month or a year. Trust and faith to confide into someone else take a lot of time than what we think. I remember being at school and having a best friend, during the time our friendship was blossoming I never took note of the fact that we were sharing things which we haven’t been loud about before. Trust is something difficult to define. Some of us find easy to trust others while others find it way too hard to do the same. Some people are more trustworthy while some are good at spilling the milk.

Now how do we decide whom to trust? The answer to this lies within you. It’s you who can decide whom you can trust depending on the strength of the bond you two share. It’s a natural instinct you may feel when you confide your secrets in someone. No one can judge for you if this particular one is the person you can trust, It is always you to decide that. A trustworthy person knows how to maintain relations, he knows the value of commitments. So the person you share your problems, worries or dreams with must have a good relation with you. He must be not jealous of your achievement, he must be the one who enjoys your joy and help in the bad times.

Trust these days has left no value of it. Based on research done by social scientist Robert Putnam, it appears that fewer and fewer people think that others can be trusted. Despite this, it is high time we understand that there is no person in the universe who can go along alone. Somewhere at some time, we all need a supporter, and that is the need for us to risk it once for good.
Betrayed by someone in the past? It is obvious then to find it difficult to trust again. To give someone else the power to break you even after you already have cracks. But why don’t you be a little careful this time and let for once give a chance to someone to prove that all people aren’t the same? Look once in your life you’ll come across someone who you can trust in. This person may come early if you are lucky enough or maybe a little later, you need to find and recognize that person when he’s standing in front of you.

If we all look for just the worst or bad in others, humanity might come to an end. There is a lot of good in the world. Give them the string to your kite and they can help you fly.


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