United we stand, divided we fall

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Aug 20 , 2018 4 min read 1976 Views Likes 0 Comments
United we stand, divided we fall

Somewhere in the midst of losing ourselves and finding the divine, comes the life. It is happening and we are already spent, aren’t we? Some of us are still pedaling hard, highly motivated on caffeine and the kind; some have given up and dragging actuality. It was not meant to be like this. It is a man-made complicacy. A life simple enough as working, eating and existing would have sufficed, but in the process of wanting and extracting more, we have spoiled what was originally ideal. Where have we gone wrong?

The technology, which was supposed to make us closer to the world, has in fact made us aloof. It has inadvertently given us the feeling of an undying despondency. In the process of making ourselves seen and heard by millions, we have embarked on a never-ending quest. As a result, the opinions and judgments of others have started striking us so close, that our very existence has started depending on it.

Every person has a story behind them, not necessarily a happy or exciting story, but it is worth. There are not enough listeners. It is like a mud slide. All of us are slipping down together yet we are isolated.

Are we doing something about this ?


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